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Discuss the major issues in running focus group discussions in an international market research context. Use examples to illustrate your answer

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Focus groups make an important contribution to marketing research work From focus group work , companies are able to identify the needs of their target market and tailor products to meet them . Product packages that would find quick recognition and acceptance with consumers are developed through this process . Advertisers also are able to develop promotional messages likely to make the greatest impact . Easier to pronounce and catching names and [banner_entry_middle]

logos are sometimes coined from focus group work

Many companies are extending their operations to locations other than their domestic markets . Services in the aforementioned areas are needed to competitively position their goods and services in their new locations . The internet has also contributed greatly to this expansion efforts . This development has opened new opportunities for focus group work worldwide . However , conducting focus groups in the international terrain are without their peculiar problems and challenges . In this short essay attempt is made to discuss these issues Cost of focus group projects

Cost of running international focus group work can be prohibitive especially in traditional situations where participants and or a moderator have to travel to participate in and organize them . With some of these projects , it is necessary that participants are recruited from several locations . The travel fares and per diems of the participants must be paid for by the project . In some situations , these offers must be made very attractive to gain the requisite people to participate For example , a company that wants to introduce a product into several markets worldwide may have to use focus group participants in the different markets to gain a fair assessment how the product shall be perceived . The information gained would enable the company address the peculiar needs of each target market group . Whereas the internet can drastically reduce this cost , some type of focus group work requires that they are carried out offline

Cultural matters

Running focus groups in an international setting successfully require an understanding of the cultures of the people involved . The social organization in one culture is quite different from another . This difference has implication in the choice of influencers for focus group work . There are also differences in the meaning of words and colours and the cultural context in which they are used . Some of these differences can create problems if not well understood . The moderator chosen must have insight into these issues to enable him ask questions that would draw the right answers from the participants . For example the use of a word could be harmless in a particular cultural setting but considered offensive in another culture . In focus group work , it is important for such an understanding to be gained as it helps in developing products product and company names and promotional messages that are most acceptable to the target market

Inadequate infrastructure

The infrastructural base in some parts of the world is poor . The… [banner_entry_footer]

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