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Discussion Questions Davis Reading

The present deals with the ecological issues connected with the Glen Canyon and the draining of Lake Powell . The author uses demonstrative evidence to show all the importance of issue . He starts from the case statement `Glen Canyon died in 1963 , and I was partly responsible for its needless death . So were you . He uses logic to retell the whole story from the beginning to the end

Examples of logical appeals are seen everywhere in the text : `Glen Canyon became a rallying cry against compromise , a lament that [banner_entry_middle]

the wilderness we have already lost is too much . The Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance for years printed a bumper sticker that read “Remember Glen Canyon ” as it worked to preserve the remainder of southern Utah ‘s wildlands . On September 20 , 2003 , a group of 60 people gathered in . the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area . to hear the music of saxophonist Paul Winter . The concert took place in the sandy bed of Clear Creek . a place that only months ago would have been under several dozen feet of reservoir water . Lake Powell is now over half-empty and is predicted to drop further

To my mind there is enough data for creating the argument . First of all the document provides you with the case history and then step by step explains what is necessary to do for achieving the best possible result in this situation

Personally I have never been to Lake Powell . However , the documents and data confirm the serious ecological changes in this area . The Lake Powell has been drained and it is necessary `to balance the ecological needs of Grand Canyon National Park . Moreover , the author points out that Glen Canyon Dam has a negative influence on the ecosystem of the Grand Canyon

Discussion Questions

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