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Distance Learning is the Best Choice

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Distance Learning is the Best Choice in Higher Education




28 September 2006


The higher education has been growing tremendously for the past generation . Keith Harry and Hilary Perraton (1999 ) believed it to be one of the fastest growing industries in Britain , along with electronics and newly discovered natural gas (p .1 . This growth and expansion triggered in the past decades , when it grew globally especially with the outburst of the concept of distance learning

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distance learning refers to the application of electronic technology to teaching and learning (Harry Perraton , 1999 ,

.1 . Open learning , on the other hand , is defined by The New Oxford Dictionary as learning based on independent study or initiative rather than formal classroom practice (Harry Perraton , 1999 ,

.2 . Decades after the boom of the computer technology or sometime in the 1980s , this act of distance learning brought many changes that transformed the society enormously . For more than two decades already , many countries around the globe have been improving their state of higher education through the research and implementation of open and distance learning . This brought great achievements in the course of the higher education . The 1980s was a time for the creation of new agencies – the fruits of the Commonwealth and la francophonie – that fostered many countries around the globe to coordinate and work hand in hand for the development of distance education (Harry Perraton , 1999 ,

.2 . These local and international developments brought new heights to discover , as the twentieth century era brought changes in the economic and political aspects of society

This tackles the issue of distance learning used in higher education . We shall reveal how it differs in higher education , what the roles of the vital personnel are , the concept of course design , and the ways in maintaining quality of distance learning in higher education In the end , we shall know why distance learning is . the best choice .Main Body

How distance teaching differs in higher education

This generation has brought great advancements to technology – especially to the information and communication technology – which has brought about `versatile ‘ wireless media and the speedy Internet applications (Dutton Loader , 2002 ,

.2 . With these advancements in technology , the higher education has developed new ways of delivering the education material to students who may be five hundred meters away or five hundred miles away . With the information age , this event has brought new concepts , such as the `virtual university ‘ or the `wired university ‘ for example (Dutton Loader , 2002 ,

.2 . There have been new ideas for greater advancement , and with this , a higher education student has greater means of getting online degree programs that are made more flexible , more technological and more global . The National Education Association (2000 ) stated that the advantages of distance learning courses or distance teaching and learning have something to do with the following (1 ) It reaches many students who are unable to take `traditional ‘ college courses (2… [banner_entry_footer]

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