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Divine Providence and Quantum Mechanics

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Abhinav Prakash

God in Newtonian Worldview

The concept of God and His discretion in creating the world as well as controlling its affairs was intensely debated and speculated among ancient philosophers and scientists . However the one general view , to which all the earlier schools of thoughts subscribed , was that God is the cause of existence of universe and He has largely a free hand in determining its affairs . In other words , it was considered beyond the capacity of ordinary human mortals to comprehend the functioning of [banner_entry_middle]

br earth , sun , stellar objects and the general universe . Everything had been divinely provisioned for with His supreme will

This idea changed with the revolutionary mechanistic Newtonian worldview that , it seemed , altogether dispensed with the need of God . For record its proponent Sir Isaac Newton was a devout Christian and an ardent believer in an absolute God (Hawking , 18 . However when he laid down the three laws of motion , theory of gravity and laws of conservation of momentum and of mass he founded the structure of a deterministic model of the universe , that made God irrelevant to the functioning of the world

Newton ‘s laws of motion founded a system where objects prefer to stay in state of continuous rest or motion that is they remain in a state of inertia . A change from this state of inertia can be caused only by an external agent or force as Newton called . Thus if a person knows the direction and impact of the applied force on the objects their further state can be mathematically calculated and accurately described

This formed the basis of Newtonian mechanics that almost accurately predicts orbits of earth , the moon and various planets (Hawking , 17 . It also correctly accounts for path and motion of objects around us under the action of external forces and help to determine their direction and acceleration . The universe of Newton worked under one grand law of gravity with numbers and under mathematical principles that were open for anyone to calculate and make accurate predictions about , in general everything

The essence of the theory under the deterministic model is that given a perfect set of information regarding the forces that act on life along with their velocity and position at some given point of time it is possible to calculate everything in the world , even including the past and future events (Casti , 54 . There is nothing , theoretically , that is impossible to determine or predict if sufficiently careful observations and calculations are made . The Newtonian worldview treats universe like a giant clock set in motion . It follows that irrespective of who started the clock , once the clock becomes operational it is always possible to follow it . Likewise once the universe is created , one set of events give rise to another set and carry forward the functions of universe

The implications of this model were disturbing to many people including Newton himself . If everything is calculable , determinable and predictable , it doesn ‘t leave much… [banner_entry_footer]

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