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Do obese men really have lower IQ?

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Obesity and IQ Level in Men


Obesity is the most common nutritional disease in the industrialized country that posts an important health concern . An individual having excessive body fat accumulation and a Body Mass Index of 30 and above is considered obese . In the United States , obesity is the second actual cause of death and associated to several disease like hypertension diabetes , cardiovascular disease and even cancer . Risk factors of obesity include age sex , genetic make and environmental factors

EmedicineHealth (2005 ) release the possible causes of obesity . The first [banner_entry_middle]

cause is genetics . It is well-studied that obesity runs in the family aggravated by factors like food intake and lifestyle habit . However , it is not a guarantee that an individual would be obese if he has obese relatives . Emotions is also accountable to obesity . This is because there are people who overeat because of depression , hopelessness and anger . As mentioned above , the most important environmental factor is lifestyle . Eating habit and level of activity such as sedentary lifestyle contribute in the development of obesity . Another causative factor of obesity is age . As an individual grows older , they tend to lose muscle and gain fat . Gender difference is another factor . Men have more muscles than women . Since muscles burn more calories women are more likely to gain weight

The relationship of obesity and low level intelligence is a broad issue Speculations have been reviewed but nothing has been proven to be the real and exact mechanism . Obesity is not only bad for an individual ‘s heart but also to mental health . Studies have shown the relationship between obesity and intelligence especially in males . It was found out that obese individuals have lower intelligence compared with those nonobese . Blood circulation in the brain is thought to be the cause According to Cournot , a researcher in France (as stated by Dotinga 2006 , obesity might affect the brain since excess weight may clog the arteries in the brain just like what happens in the heart . It can also disrupt hormones like insulin that may affect brain cells . This information was based on the study conducted to know the linkage of weight gain and cognition among middle aged people

In a report done by Matthews (2003 , he stated that researchers in America have shown the decline of mental ability of men with correlation with obesity . One report of a professor in Boston (as stated by Matthews 2003 ) studied the medical records of 1400 men and women who were found clinically obese appear to have significant reduced mental ability . On the contrary , fat women did not show the same result

Moran and colleagues (2005 ) conducted a study on obesity among people with or without mental retardation across adulthood . They retrospectively analyzed the medical records of patients and found that prevalence of mild mental retardation and obesity were the same while that of severe mental retardation had significant lower prevalence of obesity compared with those without disability . They concluded that increasing number of individuals with or without… [banner_entry_footer]

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