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do you think that the world will be a better or worse place 100 years from now

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Life 100 years from now

The previous century was marked by the rapid development of new technologies . Of course it amended the lives of the common people , but the scientists had also developed the menacing amount of new device to kill those of their species . Due to the current political situation the development of the world war industry is rapid and effective , that ‘s why I presume that the next century will be marked with the great discoveries in this field . And , as the history notes , the weapon which ‘s prepared rarely [banner_entry_middle]

stays unemployed . Thus it ‘s all in all credible that we ‘ll meet the next , 22nd century in the world which went through the global war

The first and one of the most endangering things for our future life on this planet is the invention of the nuclear weapon . This is the most dreadful weapon in all the history of the humankind , as it not only destroys its victims but also makes the territory they live on impossible to use . The example of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki reveals us the dreadful effects of using it

And , as the conflicts between the countries which possess the nuclear weapon become stronger , the use of it is absolutely probable . The only thought which stops the military from employing it is that it will immediately cause the global nuclear conflict , making the Earth unusable for its dwellers . If the nuclear conflict will occur the survival of the planet ‘s flora and fauna , including people , will be questioned . And even if the humankind will survive through it , its social and technological level will fall incredibly low . They will suffer from the lack of food water and natural resources for satisfying their needs

What should also be kept in mind is the possibility of the mutations caused by radiation . As we all know the radiation affects the cell structure of the organism and causes irreversible structure changes which will be passed to the next generations . This phenomenon is still the by-road for the modern scientists , but the illustration can be found on the terrain where the Chernobyl exploded . The doctors say it multiplied the quantity of children born with mutation by two times . The territory around Chernobyl is called the Zone ‘ and the animal and herbal world there is rather freak

The state of ecology in the world nowadays is also rather poor . The irrational use of the natural resources and polluting the outer world with the waste products led to the various ecological disasters , like the acid rains , the exhaustion of the ozone layer and decreasing the number of the animal and herbal species . International conferences , try to set standards or goals to which governments must agree . The emission of greenhouse gases must be reduced . The protection of endangered species and forest areas must be enforced . Nuclear waste disposal must be strictly regulated . But , to my greatest pity this often stays only the declarations

The use of the carbon dioxide in aerosols and… [banner_entry_footer]

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