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Domestic Terrorism

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1 . Define domestic terrorism . In what ways is it functionally different from international terrorism ? Also , distinguish between domestic terrorism from above vs . domestic terrorism from below . Give examples

One of the two general types of terrorism , domestic terrorism is the type that involves persons or groups committing a terrorist act (s ) in their own country (Fairchild , 2001 . As opposed to domestic terrorism international terrorism usually include situations that involve a target in another country attacked by a group from another , thus creating a situation in which more than one government has an [banner_entry_middle]

interest . Thus domestic terrorism is an internal affair and , at least in theory , less open to the involvement of other states . This distinction between domestic and international terrorism , however , can often be misleading

Domestic terrorist actions may only be possible with foreign support and aid , yet the presence of that support and assistance may not be known for some time , leading to a misclassification of the act . A dissident organization may seek to attack a foreign ally of the government that it opposes in to have the foreign support reduced . Such an attack would clearly be international in scope , but generally domestic in the objective it seeks . In yet other cases , what passes for an international terrorist act is less distinctive . If Kurdish separatists in Turkey attempt to attack the office of a provincial governor , it is domestic terrorism . If the same separatist group attacks a Turkish consulate in France , then the attack is considered international terrorism since it took place on foreign soil . In both cases , however , the attack represents actions by the same organization against the same government Whether the attack occurred in Turkey or France is a matter of convenience for the separatists it does not reflect a significantly different type of action (Lutz Lutz , 2004 ,

. 15

One famous example would be the bombing of the federal building in Oklahoma City by Timothy McVeigh and his associates . Another example occurred in Spain , where the Basque Fatherland and Liberty Movement has used terrorist tactics to overcome Spanish resistance to Basque separatism . A third example took place in Japan , where sarin nerve gas was planted in five trains in the Tokyo subway in 1995 by a Japanese religious cult

Furthermore , there are two types of domestic terrorism : Terrorism from above , or the so-called state terrorism and terrorism from below , which is the non-state terrorism . One example of a state terrorism the mass killing by the governments of Sudan and China , where 130 million civilians were decimated by 34 million men in uniform in 20th century (Rummel , 1996 . Another example is the genocidal policies against the North American Indians . This happened before the Constitution was signed , when the Northwest Ordinance of 1787 was mapped out the manner in which the U .S . government would deal with the Indian nations . The Ordinance proclaimed that the government would observe “the utmost good faith ” in dealing with Indians and promised that their lands would not be invaded or taken… [banner_entry_footer]

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