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Domestic Terrorism

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Domestic terrorism

Mississippi Burning movie illustrates various activities of the Ku Klux Klan , which was famous for its racist ideology (Kempley , 1988 ) The main object of the members of this organization was not to commit crime but to create fear among blacks and other groups that had supported racial equality in America

The principal motive of the Ku Klux Klan members was to discourage civil rights workers who strived for parity between whites and blacks in America (Kempley , 1998 ) Even before this confrontation , the Klan members were known to have articulated [banner_entry_middle]

their support for racial segregation in the South ( A Brief History of the Ku Klux Klan , 1996-97

In the Mississippi incident , three civil right workers were killed by members of the Ku Klux Klan that included one police official , Cecil Price (Kempley , 1998 ) The Klan members , in this event , killed three civil right activists namely Michael Schwerner , Andrew Goodman , and James Chaney they were shot in Neshoba County , Mississippi (Linder n .d ) The first attempt to kill Michael Schwerner was made in 1964 when the Klan members assaulted Mount Zion church in Longdale as they anticipated presence of civil right activists in this place . When the Klan members did not locate civil right activists , they attacked blacks who had visited the church . The Klan members demonstrated their anger by attacking the church building and by creating apprehension among black people , thereby attempting to intimidate local black population . Three civil rights activists attempted to flee from Longdale in to protect their lives but they failed to defend themselves as their vehicle was identified by the police officer Price who imprisoned them Price , thereafter , informed the Klan leaders regarding the arrest of three civil rights activists , thereby assisting the Klan leaders to decide regarding the fate of black leaders (Linder , n .d

The Klan leaders decided to implement their plan of murdering the leaders who had struggled for civil rights of blacks . Price did not allow the activists to make any phone call to their associates and families so that other black civil right activists would not obtain information concerning the precise location of their leaders . This circumstance was exploited by Price to devise a conspiracy to assassinate black leaders . As a part of this conspiracy , Price released the prisoners who were permitted to move to their destination . After the release of civil rights activists , their vehicle was pursued and they were rearrested by the police officer . In the meantime , the Klan leaders such as Killen and others conducted a meeting wherein it was decided to come equipped to kill the activists (Linder , n .d

After executing the above-mentioned plan of killing the activists their bodies were taken to a dam site owned by Olen Burrage who had offered his assistance to the Klan members to conceal dead bodies of the adversaries . These proceedings prove that leaders of this organization executed their plan to kill civil right activists in to create fear among other black activists so that the… [banner_entry_footer]

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