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Don`t Fire Them, Fire Them Up

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A Report and Analysis of “Don ‘t Fire Them-Fire Them Up

by Frank Pacetta

Custom Research by Essay A Report and Analysis of “Don ‘t Fire Them-Fire Them Up

by Frank Pacetta


In many cases , the principles that lead to success in the business world translate very well to other disciplines , such as military leadership and operations . An excellent example of such principles can be found in Frank Pacetta ‘s Don ‘t Fire Them , Fire Them Up , a work that is considered by many to be a pivotal piece of [banner_entry_middle]

literature in the field of business management , more specifically sales management , as well as any other endeavor which requires the ability to motivate , lead and encourage others , in addition to one ‘s self

This will present an overview and discussion of Pacetta ‘s book moreover , this will also discuss how the principles put forth in Don ‘t Fire Them , Fire Them Up ‘ have relevance in military settings as well . Upon conclusion of this research , the reader will not only better understand the mindset of Frank Pacetta , but will also hopefully find motivation to read his work for themselves and utilize his principles for their own enrichment and to guide and mentor those to look to them for leadership and support

An Overview of the Book

Before a meaningful discussion of the key elements of Frank Pacetta ‘s book can take place , it is important to take a closer look at the book as a whole . In Don ‘t Fire Them , Fire Them Up , Frank Pacetta uses his own personal experiences as a sales manager for Xerox Corporation as the template for the story he is telling and the concepts he is sharing with the reader . Having found himself with the ironic responsibility of improving the worst performing sales region for one of the world ‘s most profitable corporations , Pacetta realized early on that his work was certainly cut out for him . To his credit , he also came to an early realization that the first instinct to fire the entire sales force was not the appropriate course of action rather , motivation was needed for the salespeople and support staff , as they were not deliberately poor performers or underachievers , but in Pacetta ‘s own words the plane was on autopilot and falling fast (Pacetta , 1994 , meaning that the sales department overall was failing tremendously , but apathy ruled the day whether due to fear of inappropriate actions or perhaps even a self fulfilling fatalism . Whatever the case , Pacetta chose to lead by example , which is clearly illustrated by his concepts of The Power of Personal Example and Being Who You Say You Are (Pacetta , 1994 . In other words , he practiced what he preached , and in the final result of his actions , the failing department he entered was transformed into an effective team environment that became on of Xerox ‘s most profitable territories . While Pacetta started the transformation by introspection he did not achieve this success single handedly rather , he… [banner_entry_footer]

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