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Dove Soap: Branding Assignment (see )

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Dove , the Brand to Beat

Dove is a brand under the many products of Unilever . It was in the 1890s when William Hesketh Lever , founder of Lever Bros popularized cleanliness and hygiene with his introduction of the Sunlight Soap in Victorian England . The Sunlight Soap led the advocacy to make cleanliness commonplace to lessen work for women to foster health and contribute to personal attractiveness , that life ay be more enjoyable and rewarding for the people who use our products (www .dove .com

For three centuries , Unilever has proven its success over [banner_entry_middle]

economic booms , depressions , world wars and the changing lifestyle of its consumers as the world advanced through technology . Dove is the leading skin care product since 1957 . It is clinically proven and has been noted to be good for dry sensitive skin which half the women in the world has And since the 1980s , Dove has launched more supporting products to the soap bar such as moisturizing body wash , deodorants , body lotions facial cleansers , shampoos and conditioners . All of these products are aimed to solve skin needs comprehensively bringing out the true inner beauty of women ?2 .5 billion a year . They estimate that over 1 billion showers are done using Dove products each year in the US alone . The success is due to the brands keeping of its clinically proven promises and understanding of its real market . Studies show that only 12 of women are very satisfied with their physical attractiveness . 2 of women articulate themselves as beautiful . 68 knows that media almost always sets unrealistic standards of beauty and the 75 hopes that media would better itself in portraying diversity in women ‘s physical attractiveness that includes size , shape and age

Dove is actively trying to address the root of the problem of negative self-image . Dove has founded the Dove Self-Esteem Fund , which funds programs to raise self-esteem in girls and young women . In the US , it ‘s working through the Unilever Foundation to sponsor a partnership with Girl Scouts , called ‘uniquely ME ‘ It also supports the BodyTalk education program for schools in the UK and Canada (www .dove .com

The Dove Self-Esteem Fund has come along way since consumers saw that water alone was not enough to clean oneself . American consumers of the new millennium are more demanding than ever and value minded . Dove consumers pay a higher price for Dove due to its after sales value . The target market of Dove are the people who can afford to put a premium for added market values compared to cheaper alternatives such as Ivory

According to Soap , Cosmetics , Chemical Specialties , aging baby-boomers were looking for milder , less irritating products . Soaps using vegetable-based fats , with no animal fats or animal testing , were also in demand . Other popular items included loofahs , oatmeal products , and chamomile leaves . In general , customers demanded performance and value in all their soap , shampoo , and detergent products , which were the driving factors behind the soap and detergents industry at the turn of the century… [banner_entry_footer]

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