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The Research Process

The scientific method of research is essentially the process of making a guess and seeing if you are right . The hypothesis , a crucial step in the research process , is important in setting the direction of the research Although a hypothesis often cannot be proven , it can be disproved , which is just about as valuable in the advancement of knowledge . The observation step is important as well . Depending on how “pure information is , this step can make or break the validity of the research process . For example , researching in a [banner_entry_middle]

controlled setting (i .e . in a laboratory ) is typically much more straightforward than , say , doing a research project on some sociological issue . Also valuable is the analysis , which is essentially the step where the researcher tries to make sense ‘ out of his data

One notable benefit of research is the advancement of technology particularly , the production of inventions . A great number of human inventions were accidentally come upon in the process of researching something (sometimes only slightly related to the original goals Research involves persistence in an active and systematic hunt interpretation , and analysis of information . Richard Feynman wrote that research (using the scientific method ) is like attempting to understand the rules of chess by simply observing the moves . In the research process , one attempts to find explanations for things and connect them with other things in the complex web of the universe

The basic goal of all research is the advancement of knowledge , be it one ‘s personal knowledge or humanity ‘s entire body of knowledge . Another goal is a better understanding of connections between entities . The choice of research techniques depends on the particular field (such as sociology or astronomy , and varies widely , from interviewing to passive data collection . In achieving the goals of research , it is necessary to utilize research techniques effectively , by making sure that research techniques are carefully chosen to be appropriate to the universe of the research and to the goals of the researcher

Critical Thinking

There is a surprising disparity of the quality of the arguments of different people in diverse fields . An automatic belief in what is heard or read is especially frequent when the information comes from a “trusted source ” such as a news or television news . However , even in supposedly “professional ” fields such as television news reports and newss , there is evidence of a significant amount of uncritical beliefs and an abundance of unsound arguments . Also remarkable is the eagerness of people to take advantage of the uncritical public is striking as well . Appeals to emotion are also all too common in mass media , for example

The lack of critically thought out arguments is not surprising . What is striking is actually brilliant exposition that is based on sound arguments , which are quite rare “Uncritical ” thinking is probably very common in children . They often simply absorb information and often unquestioningly accept the judgements of adults – but this can be attributed to a lack of experience . The facility for critical… [banner_entry_footer]

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