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Drama and English

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The Subjugation of Women in Greek Culture and Literature

Women would be better off as cattle , than as we are – a subspecies of the human race . First – at great expense – we buy ourselves a husband – what is a dowry unless a down payment on marriage ? – but then he owns us , especially our bodies ! Thus two wrongs make a worse wrong . And secondly , the big question – will the man we get be all right , or a respectable we can ‘t fight him off , it ‘s not possible . Someone like me not trained up [banner_entry_middle]

in your culture , a stranger to your customs and traditions , needs magic powers to keep a husband sweet in bed . And if our husband is not violent , and endures the burden of marriage to us patiently – we are the envy of our friends ! If anything else – death would be a better fate . If a man is bored by the company at home , he can go out and find a welcome elsewhere . A woman has only one source of comfort . Men say we live a life of ease at home all day , while they go off to war . They do not understand . Personally I ‘d rather face the battleline three times than go through childbirth once

Medea in Euripides ‘ Medea , Lines 230 – 250

The Ancient Greece , most prominently represented by Athens of circa 5th Century BCE , was an outright male-dominated society , often so to an obnoxious degree . The way the women were systematically suppressed in that society , disregarded , and denied seemingly almost all human dignity appears surreal to modern sensibilities . If the ubiquitous Greek homosexuality seems scandalous to us , the role of women in Greek society is one of the most appalling testaments conceivable to the moral depravity that mankind can sink into

When it comes to Greek drama and literature , which is a most important source of knowledge about women in Ancient Greece , the fairer sex paradoxically assumes a rather prominent , even glorified , position – but such an impression can be deceptive . The images of women that are revealed in Greek drama are of highly artificial and stereotypical nature , purely created by men and played for a male chauvinist audience Moreover the female roles in a drama are actually played by men themselves on the stage

The feminist term male chauvinist pig ‘ has assumed a rather mild and even a facetious connotation these days but it can be a very apt and meaningful term to describe the particular category of human species that preponderated in a number of cultures throughout the human history And the men of ancient Greece stand second to in this respect However , the phenomenon of suppression of women in Ancient Greece is almost a bizarre case of human oppression of fellow humans , in that the Greeks were highly given to worship female deities , had women playing prominent roles in their mythology and drama , even if deviously and subtly manipulated ones – and yet women in real life were relegated to subhuman status

The classical… [banner_entry_footer]

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