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Drugs and Crime GAP Research Project Part II

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Effectiveness of Statutory Control of Illicit Drugs

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Your University In the war on drugs ‘ as administrative heads like to call it , many terms are coined to convince the public that the drug problem in America is being eliminated and we are safe and sound . One of those terms is Alternative development ‘ Because an estimated four million people ‘s livelihoods are directly tied into the cultivation of illicit drug crops such as coca bush and opium poppy , and considering these four million workers already live well [banner_entry_middle]

below the poverty level , the government has had to be somewhat realistic and recognize that if they want to eliminate the illicit nature of these jobs they must replace them with other jobs that will produce income for these workers and their families (United Nations 2005 . What a nice , comforting term to make us believe that the United States , in their infinite generosity , is helping the poverty-ridden workers who currently produce cocaine to find new and improved jobs . The reality is much different , and the truth is that the drug business is just that – a business that is completely influenced by market dynamics just like any other business

Another term being thrown about is chemical diversion ‘ Because it has been generally agreed that the best way to control the traffic in methamphetamine is to control the sales of the chemicals involved in producing the drug , ephedrine and pseudoephedrine sales are now closely regulated . In fact , if you go into your favorite drugstore to purchase Sudafed for your nasty cold , you are now required to ask the pharmacist for it , and are limited on the amount you can purchase (DEA 2006 . The theory is that by making the ingredients necessary to make methamphetamine more difficult to come by , the production and sale of the drug will slow down . I believe if you speak to any law enforcement agency you would find this is hardly the case . Methamphetamine use is steadily on the rise in our nation , and has been called by many the plague of the century

The United Nations held a special meeting in March 2005 that resulted in a 97 page document listing their Action Plan Against Illicit Manufacture , Trafficking and Abuse of Amphetamine-Type Stimulants and Their Precursors (United Nations 2005 . While quite an impressive title , the majority of the report could be considered rhetoric , with no real teeth to it . One of their solutions ‘ read like this International bodies such as the United Nations International Drug Control Programme , the International Narcotics Control Board and the World Health Organization , should strengthen their work on the technical and scientific dimensions of the problem of amphetamine-type stimulants and disseminate the results in regular publications for States and the general public (United Nations 2005 . I think this translates into we all need to work on the problem and tell the public how we ‘re coming along ‘ which is hardly a groundbreaking solution . The majority of this report reads the same , and my… [banner_entry_footer]

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