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e-commerce and the supply chain

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e-commerce and the supply chain

2005 E-commerce and the supply chain

I . Airlines Industry

Economy will always become major concerns when a country experiences various disasters including ones caused by terrorism . Back to several years ago , when there was a terrorist attack on the famous building in the world , World Trade Centre and Pentagon , we witness that such attack has cost the country ‘s economy in major reform both operational and fundamental aspects not to mention severe impact on the air travel industry

The 9 /11 attacks have significant impact [banner_entry_middle]

on the continuity of air travelling . This is because such attacks will decrease travellers trusts to going by airplanes . When it happened , Boeing and Airbus , as the leading manufacturers of airplanes , faced declining demands for new airplanes from airlines . The situation also wounded airlines since air travellers did not want to take risks of being hostages

At present , although it is still early in the recovery and certainly high fuel prices and another terrorist attack could cause another setback air travel industry is facing unexpected growing in deploying small airplanes such as Boeing 737s or Airbus A320s . This appetite for small airplanes underscores the strength of the discount-airline or low cost carriers like one cast successfully by Southwest Airlines in United States while some of the world ‘s largest full-service carriers such as Chicago-based United Airlines and Atlanta-based Delta Air Lines HYPERLINK “javascript 20void 20showTicker ‘DAL ” DAL ) continue to struggle financially that favour low-cost carriers to expand their fleets

In Europe , EasyJet is one of the well-known low-cost carriers that currently operate throughout the United Kingdom and mainland Europe EasyJet is appropriately taking advantages of the single European aviation market that rewards the company with long-term sustainable competitive advantage

II . History

Stelios Haji-Ioannou historically founded the easyJet and therefore the family becomes the major shareholders . EasyJet is among the Easy Companies family that Stelios family own and operate including easyInternetCafe , easyCar .com , easyMoney , and easyValue . To date easyJet runs separately from the other easyGroup companies although there are some cross-marketing ‘ agreements in to favour the development of the easyGroup lines of business

The company ‘s bright orange HQ is located next to main taxiway at Luton Airport . This building suitably embodies the easyJet ‘s mission to provide customers with safe , good value , point-to-point air services [by offering] a consistent and reliable product and fares appealing to leisure and business markets on a range of European routes [through developing of the company ‘s] people and [instituting durable] relationships with [ .] suppliers

III . Operation

In line with the ethos to be the well-known low-cost carrier throughout United Kingdom and Europe , the company develops and maintains several codes of conduct (see `Marketing Mix ‘ section ) so that the company is able to keep the cost low and thus providing lower airfares than its competitors

The focus to be the low-cost carrier has helped easyJet to experience strong growth in terms of the passenger figures (see Figure 1 . Since its presence in 1995… [banner_entry_footer]

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