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– Issues , Technologies and Applications


Living in today ‘s era requires so much knowledge regarding the newly invented technologies . In this regard , the Internet is one of the most important innovations that technology has ever incurred . With this point of concern , it could be obviously seen that the lines the world is at the tip of one ‘s fingers ‘ is indeed true

Today , google earth has been among the most creative and informative source of knowledge when it comes to geography , current status of a [banner_entry_middle]

country , and the tourist spots within a certain place and so on and so forth . It is indeed true , that through this application , people around the world could locate their places , even travel through the Internet and find necessary informations about their places of interest

These e-maps are designed to mainly encourage tourism as well as offer informations about specific places in the world . Through this , a traveler or a simple Internet surfer could find numerous details regarding a country or even a city within a big scope of territorial features

What the Internet Application Offers

Aside from the 3-D presentation of buildings and houses in google earth , exact locations of specific places with their names flagged above them are also displayed through the e-maps . This makes it easier or travelers using the said application to reach their destinations or specific places they want to know about . IT actually depends on the user ‘s choice whether he wants all the necessary details of the map and the places found in it flagged while surfing . There are some options posted by the left part of the screen , which gives the options for the surfer to find the needed informations he wants . As for example , Eiffel Tower in Paris as well as the Huron University is clearly located at the exact place and the exact landmarks found along the way . The flagged specifications above the places especially help in the navigation process

With the emerging of the technological innovations , e-government has also become a trend especially for highly developed countries . The US government , for example , has a featured application in the said Internet branch . The said application refers to the territorial scope of the American Government as well as its allies around the world . Normally seeing this , Internet surfers would have an idea on why the countries which are allied with the American government fare the way , they do Mainly , it determines what countries the American Government really supports

Another point of consideration regarding what goggle earth features is the geographic features of each place found in the map of the earth This is designed to be able to determine the natural resources as well as economical capabilities of a country referred upon its geographical location in the Earth . Researchers have been able to use this feature of google earth in their studies regarding the effectiveness of the geographical attributes of a country towards is economic progress Google earth as well flags… [banner_entry_footer]

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