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`Does poverty affect standardized testing ? `

Research conducted in various states of the country show that poverty directly affects student performance in the negative . Research also showed that the size of the school played an important role in the achievement of students coming from less affluent societies . The smaller the school size the less the harmful effects of poverty on the academic achievement of the child , this being measured by the state sanctioned standardized tests

In the states of Ohio , Georgia , Montana and Texas , the Rural School and Community Trust , which [banner_entry_middle]

is a national non-profitable organization has undertaken the responsibility of strengthening the relationship between the schools and the communities they take care off

In each school of these states they measured the academic achievement levels of students of various grades keeping in mind the poverty level in the district and school , the size of enrolment in the school and the interaction between these two factors . Two kinds of effects were looked into . The first , `The excellence effect ‘ and second `The equity effect The size of the school is of paramount importance . How does the size of the school influence the students ‘ performance depending upon the level of poverty ? Do students from the less well to do families score more in smaller or larger schools ? It was seen that achievement score differed as school size changed in different levels of poverty

The poverty level in the schools was measured by the percent of students in the school district who live in families receiving Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF , and the school size was measured as the average number of students per school grade

The Research produced the result that in the less affluent communities the students scored better in smaller schools . In Ohio it was seen that at all grade levels smaller school ‘s in smaller districts produced higher achievements in poorer communities whereas larger schools and districts produced higher achievements in wealthier communities . This interaction between school size and poverty affects the academic achievement in rural and small town schools for school size alone does not play a vital role on their achievement it strongly depends on the poverty level of the community . It is seen in urban areas that larger schools are associated with the poor performance of students hailing from all levels of community income

It was noted in Ohio that poverty ‘s power was lower in schools that were smaller than those which were larger . The smaller schools had an overall better achievement results

Thus certain observations made were that the poorer the community served the smaller the school should be in to achieve maximum academic achievement as measured by standardized tests , as poverty cannot dampen student achievement in smaller schools as it does in larger schools

Critics argue that such tests are unfair to low income group children but supporters of the testing programme argue that these very disadvantaged students stand to gain the most . They say that after years of holding low-… [banner_entry_footer]

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