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American schools operate on two systems of assessment internal and external . A number of studies on the benefits of these have been carried out which generally indicate that external system when over emphasized can reduce the opportunities to learn while internal system when systematically delivered can provide better learning and improve teaching . Portfolio based systems on the whole provide ownership for the student and support the teacher in teaching students to achieve learning goals and develop interests

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relates to a study which was carried out in alternative assessment system in Charles Ruff Middle School in Northern California There were primarily two groups , one was based on an alternative assessment system and was issued with report card grades which were given by the external examination committee of local English teachers while the second group was with customary assessment where grades were determined by individual classroom teachers . The study used a rigorous methodology including quantitative and qualitative assessments based on the grounded theory method of ethnographic research . Data was analyzed using three mixed model analysis of variance with dependent variables measured repeatedly . The qualitative and quantitative findings were matching

The results have indicated that in reading achievement , the alternative assessment was more favorable while in writing achievement there was no significant difference . The key variation was seen in levels of learning goal orientation in which students of alternative assessment scored higher while no differences were seen on scales in measuring advancement and goal approvals

The impact of portfolio based teaching on reading and motivation was the major aspect which has provided the critical difference of this system of assessment . Since grades were important , caring about grades rather than portfolios was never a problem and students appeared to harmonize both . However the school despite considerable advancement shown in implementation of portfolio system did not utilize it fully due to lack of adequate conviction amongst the teaching staff and resources


Underwood , Terry . The Consequences of Portfolio Assessment A Case Study Educational Assessment , 5 (3 , 147-194 . 1998


Testing as a form of selection and differentiation has been widely accepted over the centuries . This also facilitates accountability in teaching which will justify the expenditures made by the state . However the validity of many tests has been questioned from time to time such as the Test of Adult Basic Education (1976 ) which is seen to be biased to a particular proclivity . An extensive debate has been on going in America over the need for having different tests for different people and developing alternate assessment systems

Assessment complexity can result in a very high level of variation in response than which can be easily discerned . This is evident from a study of different forms of testing and assessment including forms of alternative assessment . A new Test of Adult Basic Education was formulated in 1987 which attempted to overcome the deficiency in the earlier version… [banner_entry_footer]

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