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Education: Evaluate and Analyse Pages 5 to 14 of the NSW Human Society and Its Environment K-6 Syllabus

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The Human Society and its Environment (HSIE ) syllabus has a two-pronged objective that seeks ultimately to help scaffold students in their development both as persons and as citizens of local and global communities . It seeks to give them a sense of identity , and this involves an understanding of how their talents and opinions are relevant in their society . Research has shown that students (as human beings develop , not in an isolated context or in a vacuum , but within the context of the family , community , and society in which they live (Panofsky , 2003 , p [banner_entry_middle]

. 411 , Azmitia , 2002 ,

. 355 . Therefore , allowing students to feel themselves true citizens of their society is an important aspect of creating identity and participation , according to the ideas of Vygotsky , Dewey , and Gibson , is therefore a key factor in learning (Rahm , 2002 ,

. 164 Wong Pugh , 2001

Separated into four strands (introduction , rationale , aims and objectives , and an overview of learning in HSIE , the syllabus introductory pages demonstrate how its objectives can be addressed in a classroom setting . Each strand clearly outlines how knowledge will be of benefit to the student and by extension to society . In fact , much thought and effort has been placed into determining the individual outcomes of particular aspects of the HSIE content . Though the syllabus is not particularly explicit about how these goals are to be achieved nor does it clearly define the ideals of citizenship , it does give the teacher enough direction to facilitate the proper delivery of the information . A detailed look at the formulation of the goals in these introductory pages will demonstrate that the syllabus , though not explicit , is adequate in its explanation of how its aims are to be achieved . It will also present a view the interconnected aspects of the syllabus and how essential each is to the achievement of HSIE ‘s major goals

The introductory pages of the syllabus indicate that some of its content is taken from research into the thought processes of the children (Human Society and its Environment K-6 , 2006 ,

. 9 . Its have considered the fact that children might think differently about such issues than adults do , and have suggested suitable ways of teaching This indicates that the syllabus intends to address how students are to be taught the material . The syllabus also indicates that the effective classroom practices of many previous teachers have informed its content and this too indicates that effective strategies for instruction are to be included in the text of the syllabus

It appears that the strategies will involve equipping teachers with the tools necessary to create a classroom atmosphere in which students go beyond the level of hearing or reading the information to the level at which learning becomes an experience . It implies that teaching should begin on a plane with which the child is familiar and then branch of to less familiar areas , thereby building on schematic knowledge and making connections that allow them to assimilate the information gained (Human Society and its… [banner_entry_footer]

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