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Education Philosophy

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I firmly believe that education is one of the most effective tools in shaping and developing the lives of children . Effective education should be able to touch hearts , teach minds and transform lives . At the heart of the education is how it touches every student and equips him or her to become better persons . For me education should be student centered the educational experience should be concentrated in providing students with the learning experiences that would teach and train him not only academically but also provide them with life skills that they can [banner_entry_middle]

use in their daily life . Education should be able to build the character of students . The essence of education is to mold students to reach their dreams and aspirations and imbue them with positive values and virtues This is the central core of education , to give students the knowledge and skills that would enable them to become fully functioning individuals in the future

Education teaches minds , wherein the teacher is responsible for providing the kind of learning experience that challenges students to develop their critical thinking skills , that allows their creativity to flourish and one that is filled with respect and openness . Moreover teachers should be able to create and make use of developmentally appropriate instruction and materials that are relevant to students and based upon the principles of effective teaching . The teacher should also be able to recognize that in effective education , the student comes first , and hence their interests should be utilized to develop lessons in to maximize the learning process . Education should be geared towards developing students cognitive abilities without losing sight that students are also thinking beings and are sources of knowledge too thus the teacher-student relationship should be of collaboration

Education should be able to transform lives . It is a reality that today ‘s children are faced with more difficulties than before , the peer pressure , the expectations from society and the media and the competitiveness of our culture have made it so . I believe that the teacher and the educational system should be able to rise above this difficulties and make it their mission to provide students with an education that transforms their lives especially to the disadvantaged the physically challenged , the intellectually challenged and the youth at risk . Teachers should be able to realize the effect of their teaching in the lives of their students and to strive to encourage students to work on their difficulties and inspire them to achieve their goals . The teacher as an agent of change and learning should continuously seek to improve their selves by keeping abreast of the recent trends and developments in one ‘s field as well as to strive to become better teachers and be a positive model to his /her students

Every child has the right to have the best quality education and it is the responsibility of our country ‘s educational system and of teachers to provide this to our students . Education indeed can touch hearts of teachers and students… [banner_entry_footer]

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