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Education: Single-Gender Classes

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Running head : Single-Gender Classes

Single-Gender Classes



In this argument in the favor of single gender classes is presented supported by evidence . The scientists have discovered that differences between girls and boys are profound both psychologically and physiologically . Research has indicated that even when girls and boys occupy the same classroom space , they sometimes receive quite different educational experiences . Gender stereotyping and gender bias can be major stimulators in coeducational classrooms . Single sex schooling has received a boost from the current administration . The U .S . Department of [banner_entry_middle]

Education has announced it will interpret Title IX more flexibly to encourage single gender class options for students . Such a policy shift took place in the presence of over whelming evidence

Single Gender Classes

When the feminist movement took place and claimed a woman ‘s right of equality , it stubbornly rejected the fact that men and women are different . This difference between them does not render one gender inferior to the other , but it does recognize them as different in both physiological and psychological aspects

The basic idea is that men and women are equal but not the same . They do have their gender specific differences , both physical and intellectual . In a teaching environment if these differences are not realized and catered for , one or both of the two groups will suffer Research has shown that there are significant difference in the learning styles of boys and girls . On the basis of this research various educational institutes have experimented with single-sex classes to produce better results . For the most part the findings have been encouraging and positive

In this argument in the favor of single gender classes is presented supported by evidence . Firstly , various physiological and psychological differences between boys and girls have been indicated followed by the state of single gender education in the United States Then the evidence of the positive impact of single gender education is discussed

Understanding the Gender-Based Differences

The scientists have discovered that differences between girls and boys are more profound than anybody guessed . In girls , the language areas of the brain develop before the areas used for spatial relations and for geometry . In boys , it ‘s the other way around . A curriculum which ignores those differences will produce boys who can ‘t write and girls who lag behind in subjects like mathematics and science

Similarly , in girls , emotion is processed in the same area of the brain that processes language . So , it is easy for girls to talk about their emotions . In boys , the brain regions involved in talking are separate from the regions involved in feeling . Girls and boys respond to stress differently . Stress enhances learning in males . The same stress impairs learning in females

Sax (2005 ) is of that view that separating the sexes allows teachers and administrators to focus on the different ways boys and girls learn Girls learn better in quiet classrooms and intimate schools where they are on a first-name basis with their teachers . Boys learn better when… [banner_entry_footer]

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