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Educational Research journal articles

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Educational Research Journal

May 2006


The National Institute of Literacy defined reading comprehension ‘ as understanding a text that is read , or the process of “constructing meaning ” from a text . Comprehension is a “construction process ” because it involves all of the elements of the reading process working together as a text is read to create a representation of the text in the reader ‘s mind


In this research s ‘ comparison , we need two academic articles that focused on the reading comprehension of grade four [banner_entry_middle]

pupils and areas related to the former

What are the focuses /s of the articles you have selected

The first research was authored by Butler , of the University of Pennsylvania and Gutiyrrez , Stanford University (2003 ) entitled the Learning Climates for English Language Learners : A Case of Fourth-Grade Students in California and published by the Bilingual Research Journal

In 2003 , Butler and Gutiyrrez research focused in the learning climates (as a factor ) of the grade four California students in regard to the English language and how these factors might affect their reading comprehension

The second authored by Valentina Blonski Hardin (2001 ) of the University of Houston entitled Transfer and Variation in Cognitive Reading Strategies of Latino Fourth-Grade Students in a Late-Exit Bilingual Program ‘ published by the Bilingual Research Journal

Hardin ‘s (2001 ) examines the cognitive reading strategies of Latino grade four students in a bilingual program

What is the primary research question or

hypothesis of this research project

How are they different

The aims of the 2003 study of Yuko Goto Butler ‘s and Michele Bousquet Gutiyrrez ‘s (2003 ) were to investigate the learning climates ‘ or the fourth-grade students /readers ‘ perceptions of language use bilingualism , and reading activities in to better understand how these perceptions might be related to their reading comprehension in an English-only school district in California

Hardin ‘s (2001 ) study examined how the 50 fourth-grade Spanish-dominant students utilize their cognitive reading strategies resulting to an enhanced reading comprehension of expository texts in Spanish and transfer strategic reading behaviors to English reading

The differences . In 2003 , Butler and Gutiyrrez research interview study was anchored on the so-called learning climate as (a ) learner ‘s perceptions of their own abilities and behaviors , as well as (b ) the learner ‘s perceptions of others ‘ beliefs about their abilities and behaviors (or externalized perceptions . Their research also attempted to examine the factors that differentiate reading comprehension between struggling and strong readers and between English language learners (ELLs ) and native English-speaking (NE ) students a number of assessments were administered

While the Harding (2001 ) qualitative study focused on the cognitive strategies used or possesed by the respondents like : a . the native language (L1 and b . reading ability influences second language (L2 reading in a late exit-bilingual program

Discuss the research articles the authors cite in the articles

Do you think one author has a better literature review

than the other ? Why or why not

The literature review of Butler and Gutiyrrez (2003 ) and… [banner_entry_footer]

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