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Effectiveness of the Founding Fathers

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The revered framers of the United States Constitution had crafted a masterpiece , the living testament to the greatness of a country and its people

From the lessons of the Confederates ‘ historical past , the Founding Fathers wanted a Union that shall forever be free , strong , peaceful safe , and where there is equality for all . Basically , that sums up the Preamble of the Constitution

The part that states . and secure the Blessings of Liberty to our selves and to our posterity ‘ is perhaps where the country , its [banner_entry_middle]

br leaders and its citizens had not failed the founders . Every freedom that man was born with a right to , the American enjoys . The only limit to his full enjoyment of his freedom is when he encroaches on the freedom of his fellow man

The United States of America stands as the leading free nation of the world . It guards its freedoms like no other . It will never stand aside nor look the other way when these freedoms are threatened

The State guarantees protection of individual liberties as enshrined in its constitution . The Constitution of the United States of America has been handed down from generations to generations , but the spirit by which it was framed has not been lost to the new generation . Its sanctity has been preserved and the freedoms that the framers had intended the succeeding generations to have , to a very large extent have been guaranteed

The United States of America is a country that has been copied and emulated the world over because of the freedoms its nationals have Other countries have only a few of the rights that an American enjoys others have barely any . Philosophically , what one has not of that which he was not accustomed to have is not a deprivation . With a colonial past like what Americans had , their freedoms and liberty are treasured legacies from the Founding Fathers . Without these freedoms and liberties , America will not be the land of the free

On the other hand the part that provides , to . insure domestic Tranquility , provide for the common defence ‘ is the most deficient , in these times

The Founding Fathers have been ideal forward thinkers . They have been through a civil war and at that time that was the only war to be won They have not imagined the world outside of the Union . They thought then that they have all they needed to live peacefully , to build and prosper , and to take care of their needs , to be free and independent and promote equality or justice for all

For a time , and a long time at that , it was possible . With several factors coming into the equation like economic protectionism , politics and ideology , there saw a need for a balance of power in the world This became the era when the United States became so involved in world affairs that it became targets of those opposed to its policies of trade embargos , economic sanctions and declarations of war

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