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Effects of Mining in the Community that I live in

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The Effects of Mining in the Community I Live In

Mining has been remarked as one of the oldest and most earning industries in the world today . Mining first started in 1863 , when Colonel Patrick Connor from Fort Douglas staked claims . However , it was small-scale mining and was unprofitable . The Bingham Canyon mine as such was first started in 1906 when Daniel Jackling ‘s Utah Copper Company and a rival company began hauling ore that contained only 2 percent copper An official brochure explains that they were ridiculed by mining men of [banner_entry_middle]

the era who thought they could never make a profit mining such low-grade ore ‘ What would they say today , when the percentage of copper to ore is only 0 .6 percent ? Why , more copper has been produced by Bingham Canyon than any mine in history . Five billion tons of rock have been moved since the open pit was first started

Copper is not the only product – gold , silver , and molybdenum (a metal used to strengthen steel ) are also produced , as much as 500 ,000 ounces [14 ,000 ,000 g] of gold and over 4 ,000 ,000 ounces [110 ,000 ,000 g] of silver as by-products in one year ! Little wonder this mine has been called the richest hole on earth

Certainly , mining has caused so much industrialization to the human civilization by bringing the minerals of the earth out from the ground and straight to the hands of the ones who process them for goods that could already be used by the human society . However , as times began to pass the era of prosperous mining , some issues began to arise regarding the effects of the said industry to the human community . Mostly , mining sites are situated near mountainous regions where there are also some residents living along the territories of the said land . This has caused so much debates and arguments regarding the real contribution of mining industry towards the economy as well as with the health situation of the human community

The Positive Effects of Mining

According to the article entitled Peabody ‘s Black Mesa and Kayenta Mines , mining has contributed so much in the economic progress of the community of the community living around the vicinity of the Mesa and Kayenta mines in Southwest Arizona . In fact , the said mining industry has given about 650 jobs to the to many Native Americans who were offered to work for the said mining company . Aside from this Peabody also generated at least more than 51 million in coal and water royalties giving the local governments of the said places so much benefit in terms of economic scales . Along with this , through the use of the money produced through the said industry there are some charitable schools that has been established as well as several scholarship programs also supported by the said industry

True , economically , mining is indeed beneficial . However , due to the devastating effects of mining towards the health of the society , mining has received so much criticisms… [banner_entry_footer]

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