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Effects of Pet Therapy for the Terminally Ill

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Animals facilitate rapport between people , between patients and therapists or patients and their visitors . With termainal ill patients , the presence of animals open new conversations that can be of interest to both patient and visitor . Pets accept their friend masters without qualification . They teach acceptance that purely nonjudgemental , forgiving and licated . Terminally ill people can learn from the animals forgiveness which is very important to people who are approaching death consciously . Pets can help them forgive themselves and others . Pets are an immense source of entertainment . In health-care facilities , patients get [banner_entry_middle]

bored due to inactivity . Pets can help terminally ill people to spend their last days in a happy way

Studies have shown that when dogs and cats come to visit a care facility , there is more laughter and interaction among residents than during any other “therapy ” or entertainment time . In an inpatient setting , the presence of animals encourages socialization . Staff members have reported that it is easier to talk to residents during and after animal visits . Family members often come during the animal visits and some have reported that it is an especially comfortable and pleasant time to come (Delta Society , 2005

Pets need to be touched and they definitely touch people back . Touch has been studied as an important ingredient nourishing the mind and spirit . Touch in hospitals is usually painful and invasive . But with pets , touch provides warm , acceptable , non-threatening and pleasant feeling . Terminally ill people who are usually abandoned to private clinics where they just wait to die cannot be visited by their relatives on a daily basis . Daily warm and tender hugs from well loved pets can help terminally ill patients survive last sad days in hospices in a more relaxed manner . Psychological distress in terminally ill people often make it harder for them to… [banner_entry_footer]

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