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Egyptian Islamic Jihad

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Egyptian Islamic Jihad


Egyptian Islamic Jihad is one of the influential fundamentalists groups in the Middle East . Similar to other terrorist groups , religious intensity of a particularly violent kind is thus ascribed solely to Islam even when religious feeling is spreading remarkably everywhere . A retreat into religion became the way most Islamic communities could be explained , from Saudi Arabia – which , with what was supposed to be a peculiarly Islamic logic , refused to ratify the Camp David Accords – to Pakistan , Afghanistan , and Egypt . In this way , researchers underline that the [banner_entry_middle]

Islamic world is differentiated , in the Western mind generally in the United States in particular , from regions of the world to which terrorism analysis could be applied


Egyptian Islamic Jihad or Al-Jihad al-Islami is an active militant group since the late 1970s . Egyptian Islamic Jihad is a fundamentalist group which holds that the interpretation and application of authoritative texts is self-evident to any “right-thinking ” man or woman (Johnson , Kelsay , 1991 . Roots of Egyptian Islamic Jihad are closely with movements of Muslim societies against Western cultures and Americanization , and with Muslim Brotherhood . Following Michael G . Knapp (2003 ) Disillusionment with the path Muslim societies have taken in the modern period reached its height in the I 970s . Increasingly widespread rejection of Western civilization as a model for Muslims to emulate has been accompanied by a search for indigenous values that reflect traditional Muslim culture , as well as a drive to restore power and dignity to the community (Knapp , 2003 : 82

Egyptian Islamic Jihad can be understood as a stiffening of resistance to the modern world – both by emphasizing those elements of the Islam most offensive to self-consciously modern men and women , and by asserting that the modern world itself is destined for imminent destruction . Egyptian Islamic Jihad attempts to avoid direct interpretation altogether , and in that way to prevent the erosion of their tradition . Egyptian Islamic Jihad makes an attempt to prevent the erosion of a cultural tradition by finding within it an authoritative core and interpreting the rest accordingly (Johnson , Kelsay , 1991 The causes of Islamic radicalism have been religio-cultural political , and socio-economic and have focused on issues of politics and social justice such as authoritarianism , lack of social services , and corruption , which all intertwine as catalysts (Knapp , 2003 : 82 . In addition , the various Muslim nationalities whose identities have been blocked in various states clamor for their Islam . And beneath all this – in madrasas , mosques , clubs , brotherhoods , guilds , parties universities , movements , villages , and urban centers all through the Islamic world – surge still more varieties of Islam , many of them claiming to guide their members back to “the true Islam . It is important to note that Some radical components of the Islamic movement in Egypt were influenced by the Iranian revolution ‘s views on nationalism when they considered that Arab nationalism was a racist ideology which was opposed to any collective framework grouping Muslim countries together (Abdelnasser , 1997 : 25

The aim of the group is to establish Islamic state in Egypt… [banner_entry_footer]

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