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Elaine Sharp`s book, The Sometime Connection: Public Opinion and Social Policy, Politic Science

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The abortion policy in the United States has been constantly changing in the last 50 years . Before 1960s , the state laws regarding abortion were very restraining . Abortion can be allowed if and only if the attending physician has determined that the life or health of the mother is endangered . Other than that , there are no other valid grounds to do abortion

At the onset of 1960 , the law on abortion was modified . Abortion is now allowed in cases where the mother will be affected , physically or mentally if the child is expected [banner_entry_middle]

to have any physical or mental defects at birth or when the mother is pregnant due to rape or incest These modifications were brought upon by the American Law Institute

The case of Roe v . Wade in 1973 became another turning point to the abortion policy . The Court has decided that a woman has the right to do abortion . Whether to abort her baby or not will be her own prerogative Access to abortion during this time has been made broader and more licated . The Court ‘s only limitation is to publicly finance abortion

By late 1980s , the Supreme Court has passed on abortion regulations to the State . The State now has more authority over the issue , as to what rules and what laws should regulate and govern the act . This is mainly because of some protest . Abortion has become widespread

The change the law of abortion has undergone is because of its own adaptation to the changing times . During the first phase , physicians need more legal footing about the issue that ‘s why the American Law Institute offered the modifications to protect the physician ‘s rights When the physicians ‘ request were granted , women and mothers has questioned why it has been only the doctor ‘s prerogative to perform abortion on them , when they , themselves will be affected . This has triggered the second wave of change in the policy . Women have rights to their own lives and bodies , so they do have the right to decide whether abortion is for them or not . With the rampant cases of abortion happening in the society , some people and groups then contemplating the moral value of abortion . Pro and anti-abortion groups were organized This is the reason why the third phase of change happened

Each person has a different point of view on abortion . It has been noted that a little more than half believes that abortion should be legal if there ‘s a valid reason . 19 says that it should be legal , no ifs , buts , or ands . And 16 believes that it should be illegal , no matter what

It is public opinion that has vastly caused the changes on the abortion policy . A democratic nation is ruled by its own people . The majority has the last say . And because it has been apparent that one national stand to decide on the legality or illegality of abortion cannot be achieved the Court has passed the legislation on to the State . In… [banner_entry_footer]

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