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Electronic Commerce

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After some time , the filter will be able to specify which incoming mails is spam based on the patterns of the earlier-marked spam e-mails . When the filter makes a mistake , the user can tell the filter so by marking the message as not spam

The Bayesian filter has been commended many times for its efficient support on per-user computers . It is effective in such course that the user of the computer or e-mail address can identify which for him is spam and tell the Bayesian filter to screen them out . Putting the filter [banner_entry_middle]

br in a network is feasible , albeit it is a more complicated task as it will require screening of incoming mails to the email server which several users utilize , with each user having different preferences

The filter may be installed in the email server , which routs mails to each intended recipient . Then , each user tells the filter which is spam for them to enable the filter to block out these types of messages from entering the IP address of that specific user . It is not recommended that one person be assigned to initially screen out and mark which mails passing through the server is spam as it may cause important messages to be marked spam , therefore be identified by the filter as spam . It is only in a pre-user basis that the Bayesian filter will be efficient

Electronic Commerce

Chapter 9

Review Questions

Question 1 : Provide a brief of the word middleware ‘ In one or two paragraphs , explain why middleware can be difficult to write and test

Used by companies to , generally , connect their electronic commerce software with their existing accounting system , middleware have become essential tools in e-commerce . Often , companies who have sufficient IT have their middleware written . The companies who do not have this luxury have… [banner_entry_footer]

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