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Employment relationship

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New production process , mass productions , different organizational forms and new patterns of working in any organizational setup across the globe have challenged the traditional processes culminating into diverse patterns of Human resources and their development to meet the changes scenario in an international arena

In this global scenario , the enterprises naturally are being managed by the impact of the international forces ensuring the skills of employees capturing the intensity of the change and meeting the expectations of the company . Obviously , the enterprises , driven by market pressures need to [banner_entry_middle]

divert their resources for the improved quality and productivity greater flexibility and continuous innovation which could have been made possible only by the effective Human resource Management

This increasing significance of Human resource Management gears itself from the Company ‘s drive from collectivism to the individualization of pay with every possibility of attainment towards goals without increasing labour costs but at the same time increasing earnings HYPERLINK “http /www .hrmguide .co .uk /introduction_to_hrm /people-management .htm ori gins http /www .hrmguide .co .uk /introduction_to_hrm /people-management .htm orig ins . But there are unending complexities divulging out of the pay systems adopted by the several governments for the welfare of the employees . Now the employees does not want just the wages but much more , by the way of remuneration , compensation , reward etc that not only stimulate their inclination to be productive but satisfy their urge to be committed towards the organization


Remuneration to the employees are the best way to attract , retain and motivate them to add value to their existing propositions , but these remunerations must be flexible enough to meet the rapidly changing demands of an organization , while meeting current and future organizational needs ( HYPERLINK “http /www .tphumancapital .com .au http /www .tphumancapital .com .au , pp 74

But this modern remuneration management system requires consistent methodology that can be applied to build trust and bolster a culture of competitive spirit in global markets (Modern Job Evaluation and Remuneration Management systems , pp .3 ) HYPERLINK /C /Documents 20and 20Settings /adminstrator /Desktop /search .htm-s ite 20for 20remuneration .htm /C /Documents 20and 20Settings /adminstrator /Desktop /search .htm-si te 20for 20remuneration .htm that defy the traditional method on the pretext that traditional methods rely on the position s to document jobs and evaluate work value . Secondly , traditional practice could damage the credibility of a job classification processes in new cultures and thus lower the competitiveness of the business

The other is Compensation , which becomes an integral part of the management of the organization and contributes to the overall success of the organization . All the remaining benefits revolve around these two systems

These strategies increases competitive performance in the marketplace by retaining key employees , increase in output and motivation and reducing cost of remuneration packages


But 26th May 2006 , saw the tables upside down when Howard Government ‘s plans for new industrial relations , titled , `a plan for a modern workplace ‘ was initiated (Myth making at… [banner_entry_footer]

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