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energy and society

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1 . The Kyoto Protocol

The official name of the Protocol is The Kyoto Protocol to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change . It is an agreement by 165 countries for mandatory targets for the reduction of the world ‘s greenhouse gas emissions . These gases – carbon dioxide , methane , nitrous oxide , and several fluorinated gases are believed to contribute significantly to global warming

The targets of the Protocol are primarily industrialized countries which are expected to reduce their combined emissions to 95 of 1990 emission levels between 2008 and 2012 . The Protocol [banner_entry_middle]

was agreed on in 1997 , although it only took effect in 2005

Between the years 1990 and 2000 , the overall emissions of industrialized countries have been reduced by 3 , but largely because of the drastic reduction of emissions from former Soviet countries because of their failing economies . Other industrialized countries overall had an increase of 8 emissions . It is estmated that emissions from industrialized countries will be 10 above 1990 emission levels by the year 2010

For industrialized countries , the emission reduction target of the Kyoto Protocol is only around 5 , and many climate scientists are concerned that this is not enough to curb the effects of global warming . They believe that in for the agreement to actually help solve the problem , the emission rates would be cut down by 60 . This has led to the opinion that the agreement lacks real value , more so without US backing . However , advocates believe that the Protocol lays out the groundwork for future negotiations . Emission reduction laws were already signed in many countries and would continue to take effect even when the Protocol itself has ceased to exist

2 . Happy Kyoto Day ‘ – This site has an unusual approach to the problem of determining the Kyoto protocol ‘s merit . According to the author , In and of itself , the Kyoto treaty won ‘t solve global warming or avert disastrous climate disruption ‘ The author states that the protocol is essentially a catalyst . It will put the world in an environmentally aware mindset – even if the Kyoto protocol fails , it will force the world to come up with something better . It will also encourage economic changes that strive towards greater efficiency and sustainability . Lastly , the protocol is a symbol , a conscious step in the right direction for the planet

3 . Kyoto global warming : good stuff or part of a dark conspiracy to dominate the world ‘ – According to this site , global warming alarmism ‘ is indeed the mother of all environmental scares ‘ The author states that it is definitely not settled whether human activity has had any significant effect on global warming global warming is a theory , not a fact . Some effects of the Kyoto protocol would include impoverishing the USA and creating intense disaffection within the ranks of the working classes Basic necessities would become very expensive . Electricity would double in cost , fuel would skyrocket ‘ Lastly , the author claims that the Kyoto protocol is a political device to lead the Social Communists closer to… [banner_entry_footer]

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