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energy and society

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Energy and Society



Roxana Robinson ‘s article entitled Watching as the World Vanishes talks about the world ‘s refusal to respond to the constant decline of the global environment . She says that in spite of people ‘s general awareness of the situation , they continue to go about their own lives feigning ignorance . Human economic pursuits are allowed to come before environmental protection and for as long as profits can be made , the environment is easily ignored . She points out that 182 countries have ratified the Convention on Biological [banner_entry_middle]

Diversity but the United States the largest producer of greenhouse gases , remains the only industrial country who refuses to sign it

Robinson also cites causal relations between environmental deterioration and global disasters (e .g . climate change , extinction of animal and plant life , etc . She stresses that all living creatures are interconnected in this web of life and if we do not act to save the environment , things will only become worse for future generations


Even though I agree with Robinson as to the importance of environmental protection , her sweeping generalizations in reference to human inaction are clearly unfair to those people who are making an effort to save the environment . Though admittedly inadequate , many people all over the world fight for Mother Earth in different ways . Environmental activist groups like Greenpeace try to find ways and means to minimize the hazards on the environment . Companies like Ford Motors are exerting serious efforts in searching for alternative fuels that would be emission-free and environment-friendly . Just because the U .S . Government did not ratify the said Convention does not mean that the American people themselves are against environmental protection

Expansionist Response

Expansionists would respond to this article by placing the blame on other underdeveloped countries that refuse to accept the more modern American culture , which values environmental protection . They would say that gross overpopulation of other countries lead to excessive consumption , devastating the environment . These countries need the leadership of the United States in to manage their resources better , in line with environmental respect and protection

They will also claim that U .S . domestic law is sufficient to protect the environment and it does not need to assent to standards of the other countries . The United States has a great responsibility over the world Its production must not be allowed to suffer because of international agreements that seem innocent at first glance but , actually , serve to slow down the country ‘s capacity for production and expansion


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