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Gas Prices in Other Countries

1st slide : Introduction

Gasoline – a .k .a . petrol

– a petroleum-derived liquid mixture consisting primarily of hydrocarbons and enhanced with benzenes to increase octane ratings , used as fuel in internal combustion engines

– is one of the primary sources of energy sources that keep many countries moving

Gasoline , being used as fuel in internal combustion engines , is highly considered necessary to countries with large volume of vehicles factories , and people

It is shown in the figures that our personal vehicles alone guzzle [banner_entry_middle]

65 billion gallons of gasoline and diesel fuel each year , and that number is projected to increase by 2 .6 percent each year

2nd slide : Introduction

Tracking gas prices can feel like a roller coaster ride . Being unstable the prices can be down a little one month , up the next , before shooting up more than 50 percent in a year

Different countries , even states and cities can have different prices from each other . The reasons for these differences are the following

Currency Exchange Rate

Economic Disturbance

Supply and Demand

3rd slide : Currency Exchange Rate

The value of a country ‘s currency affects gas prices . It is evident in the following slides how prices are affected by their currency value

Countries with low currency exchange rate have higher gas prices . Ex Cambodia , Thailand (this is seen in the succeeding slides

Countries with high currency exchange rate have low gas prices Ex Germany , Austria (this is seen in the succeeding slides

4rth slide : Currency Exchange Rate

This slide shows a table with the currency exchange rate of different countries . US dollar is the reference currency for all the countries since it is the currency of a strong country which is the United States

Some of the countries stated above are present in the table

5th slide : Economic Disturbance

A country ‘s economic status can affect gas prices too

If one country is experiencing economic disturbance , it can cause gas prices to go up

If source country is experiencing economic disturbance , it will affect the gas supplies of that country . Affecting the supplies will lead to instability of gas prices , and most of the time , the prices doubles up

Ex . In 1990 , Saddam Hussein was the president of Iraq . He decided to attack Kuwait (no .4 supplier that time ) and Saudi Arabia (no .1 producer of crude oil , which are suppliers of gas . The attacks damaged many oil producing equipments and this affected the supplies of gas in the whole world . Gas prices that time increased as much as 100

6th slide : Supply and Demand

Supplies are affected by the disturbance in the source country . The disturbances will affect the production of gas which will lessen the supplies of gas . Low supply of gas combined with high demand of gas will definitely make prices shoot up

Ex . In 1990 ‘s , Iraq experienced UN embargo . This disrupted Iraq ‘s gas supplies . Since Iraq is one of the countries which give a large amount of… [banner_entry_footer]

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