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engineering project management

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engineering project management 2006


Fluctuating workload can be caused by a resource being over committed at various periods during the lifespan of the project (e .g . when a person or other resource is over committed for the weeks beginning October 2nd 16th and 30th

In to resolve this issue , the project manager needs to level the workload . In to level workload , one may use one or more of the following options Adjust resources : The project manager may need to reallocate other available personnel or resources to provide assistance or as [banner_entry_middle]

a replacement for the over allocated resource . He or she may also need to authorize overtime Adjust activities : If there is any available float , the project manager should use it to shift the schedules by using the late start rather than the early start times . This process extends the duration of activities . For example , rather than committing a person 100 percent for three days use him or her 50 percent for six days Adjust project objectives : The project manager may have to review the scope of the activity with a view to reducing the scope . Also , where possible , there may be a need to approach the activity in a different way


A subcontractor is an individual or business that contracts to perform part or all of the obligations of another ‘s contract . The general or prime contractor hires the subcontractor to perform a specific task as part of the overall project . The concept of hiring a subcontractor is seen more commonly in building works and civil engineering

Reduced cost or mitigation of project risks usually provides the incentive to hire subcontractors . For a project schedule , the project plan can be altered to take the task off the critical path . For a project cost , the uncertainty might be off-loaded via a fixed-price subcontract

In most standard forms of building contracts , the employer selects a subcontractor , to be employed by the contractor , via a ‘nomination procedure . Employers opt for this option for a number of reasons , for example the peace of mind of working with a subcontractor with whom the employer is familiar , knowing that subcontractor is experienced dependable , and , most importantly , solvent

The employer of a nominated subcontractor negotiates the terms of the subcontract with the subcontractors and instructs the contractor to employ that particular subcontractor

Contractors do not favor this arrangement because they still assume liability for poor workmanship and defects due to goods and materials being of poor quality


Projects have stakeholders who have an interest in and may even have control over the project . Stakeholders can be defined as those people who have a stake (or interest ) in the project . It is the project manager ‘s role to define their needs relative to the project Stakeholders may be people in other departments , suppliers , contractors vendors , government agencies , management , or stockholders in the company

The perils of not involving stakeholders in project discussions far outweigh the cost of involving them because some projects fail… [banner_entry_footer]

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