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Marriage , an Institution

Marriage is often regarded as a strong bond between a man and woman to keep them united forever . It establishes a relationship between the individuals and lays the foundation of a new family . In every part of the world , marriage is considered as an institution that is necessary for the healthy growth and development of the societies . Marriage can be social , legal or religious based on the cultural and traditional belief of people

In traditional societies , marriage was considered as a male-female relationship to produce children and bring [banner_entry_middle]

them up together . Most non-western societies strongly believe in nuclear family . They defined marriage in a different manner that includes an extended family network In the western societies , marriage is considered as a social contract between a husband and wife . Western people do not the non-western belief that marriage is a social obligation , which can not be broken easily Divorce is simpler in the western world that includes Britain and the United States

Marriage and Divorce in Britain

Like other western countries , people in Britain also view marriage as a contract based on mutual understanding . In any marriage , woman plays an important role to handle the relationship in a perfect manner Traditionally , men have been the breadwinners in the families and women ‘s role has been limited to household . However , in the modern era women have proved that they are no less than men . They have excelled in every field and shared the financial responsibilities of the family equally . The economic empowerment has given them a sense of security and they now find themselves in a position to take the decisions on their own

The traditional attitude towards women has stepped up the battle of sexes between men and women in the household . As women have become independent now , they have become vocal in family affairs and demand better treatment . They do no buy the argument that it is the duty of women to take care of the household even if she works outside . Such type attitudes of their male counterparts are the main reason behind the resentment . They denounce marriage and seek divorce to legally end the relationship

In Britain , divorce rate has been increased significantly in the new millennium . The more disturbing trend has been noticed from the data which reveals that more than 70 of divorce proceedings are initiated by women . It can be attributed to the change in social structure and the role reversal witnessed by the British society in the 21st century Earlier , the grounds for divorces were based on the family disputes exploitation of women and matrimonial offences . However , seeing the number of women seeking divorce , it can be concluded that women no longer feel satisfied with their roles in the family and want to come out of the relationship

Most women see the traditional role of a wife in a family unsatisfactory . They demand more respect from men and expect them to share the burdens of household work . They argue that if… [banner_entry_footer]

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