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Environmental Comparison

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Deforestation Issues in China and Brazil ‘s Amazon : A Comparison Between Two Countries


There can be no other means to express the seriousness of the problem regarding deforestation . This is the wanton yet systematic destruction of the earth ‘s natural forests . This is brought about by the obvious culprits and these are the people and organizations that want to make huge profits at the expense of future losses from flooding and other natural calamities brought about by a damaged ecosystem . It [banner_entry_middle]

seems that progress demands a price to steep to pay . In the future the human race will lament all that has been done and at the same time the apathy of the majority in not taking a stand against those who strip the earth bare

But for the moment there is no evidence of more aggressive measures and more deliberate policies that will reverse the trend . This is especially true in developing countries where governments turn a blind eye to unsustainable logging practices . For as much as they want to preserve the ecosystems , the lure of economic wealth is too tempting to pass up In so doing the officials and policymakers from these countries will be held responsible for the coming backlash . The inevitable will happen and the National Geographic Society is just one of the many organizations sounding the alarm and it reads like this

By most estimates , the world ‘s forests continue to disappear at an alarming rate . Logging , fires , and land-clearing for agriculture and grazing account for most of the loss . In some places , the green Earth is turning to desert (see nationalgeographic .com , 2006

The last few phrases – earth , turning to desert – is more than a wake-up call . It is time to pay more serious attention to global deforestation

In this study , two countries will be compared to each other on the basis of environmental policies , specifically dealing with forest denudation . The two countries are China , representing the East and Brazil ‘s Amazon representing the West . This will also tackle the underlying factors that contribute to the extreme difficulty of curbing the disastrous consequences of deforestation

China ‘s Problem

To easily understand what is going on in China it would be helpful to focus on one region . In the WordWatch Institute website , an organization driven to help save nature , an observation was made regarding Fujian Province in China that boasts the highest forest coverage , .Fujian Province has seen a growing deficit in its forest resources , with annual consumption far exceeding net annual growth over the past four decades (2006 . In a nutshell what is happening in Fujian Province is also occurring somewhere else in the nations forest reserves . The reason for the increased reduction of forest cover was given by Li Zhenji Associate Professor of Ecology at Xiamen University , who remarked that .natural forests in Fujian ‘s northern Jian ‘ou City have been gradually converted to bamboo forests and orchards since the… [banner_entry_footer]

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