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Environmental Impacts

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The Maltese Islands are archipelago of about 315 square km in the middle of Mediterranean Sea , which has been inhibited as early as 5200 BC Since its independence in 1964 , extensive plans have been drawn to develop the island . In the following decades , the island was given into the hands of private developer who constructed extensively with high extraction of limestone to meet the growing demands of construction industry

The speedy development of island increased from 5 percent in 1957 to 16 percent in 1985 . According to a survey conducted in 1983 [banner_entry_middle]

, the quarrying has been increased by 200 to 300 percent . As the island is extensively relying on limestone , till 1992 there has been no comprehensive control for the limestone extraction . It was only after 1992 that government is not only perusing to enforce the set policy , but also monitoring the issuance of license and permit to the operators

Basically there are two types of quarries being done as described below

Soft Stone Quarries

The soft stone quires are quarried from soft yellow layers of the Lower Globigerina limestone , which is the main material used for construction The extraction normally takes place vertically , with big block of 30 to 60 meters being extracted . Due to the extensive extraction , the current quarries have reached their ultimate limit and the limestone is becoming hard with deeper extraction

Hard Stone Quarries

Hard stone quarries are part of the harder part of the Lower and Upper Coralline limestone and is extracted through drilling and blasting These deposits are used for marble making and also used in road construction


The quarries have great negative effect on island topography and are taking place in environmental sensitive areas inside the valleys and the coastal area destroying the beauty of both valleys and coast . Due to such disastrous effects , the flora and fauna is not only diminishing but many species are becoming rare and endangered . One such vanished species in the island is Spider Orchid , which was found in the valleys but now no longer in existence

Some quarries are also located in the area of historical importance and the use of explosive and heavy drilling is bringing a toll on such places , as the temple of Mnjdra and Hagar Qim are located in these areas . Since 1986 there has been stricter rules and regulation for working on new quarries , yet the expansion of quarries was still allowed , despite the extensive damage done to the environment


The limestones are essentials for development , road construction and marble tiles due to which saves Malta huge foreign reserve . Without indigenous limestone resources , the government of Malta would have to export such items . According to a recent research , the extraction of limestone leads of decrease in acidity in water , which is beneficial for the growth of plants


Man actives with regards to economic development have consequences which are normally underestimated . It becomes increasingly important that in the wake of mad craze of construction , the… [banner_entry_footer]

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