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Rainforest degradation : Who ‘s at fault

The rainforests is one of the most important natural resources . They cover only 2 of the Earth ‘s surface , but they house over half the plant and animal species in this planet . This is the reason why rainforest conservation is very crucial to all living organisms on earth , human beings included

Poverty and overpopulation were initially believed to be the main reasons for forest loss . In fact , farming and cattle-grazing were once identified as the main culprit of the rape of rainforests . However , I agree [banner_entry_middle]

with the findings of some non-governmental organizations that hold uncontrolled development and the extreme consumption lifestyle of rich industrialized countries as openly accountable for most forest harm

In fact , many studies support the premise that deforestation is the inevitable result of the current social and economic policies being carried out in the name of progress . Tropical rainforests , most especially , are found mainly in developing countries and the colonial powers take advantage of these foreign resources to satisfy their greed This sorry state was reached because wealthy countries have been consuming so much of their own resources and can no longer keep up with their mounting populations . In effect , they are turning to the resources of the financially poorer countries . They do this by pressuring developing countries to pay their foreign debt . Since 1987 poor countries feel compelled to exploit their natural resources including their forests , partly to earn foreign exchange for servicing these debts . This scenario only validates findings that that twenty per cent of the world ‘s population is using 80 of the world ‘s resources

Poverty — while indisputably liable for much of the damage to rainforests — has been brought about by the avarice of the rich industrialized nations and the elites from developing countries that seek to imitate them . Apparently , development , which is often seen as the solution to world poverty , seldom helps those whose need is greatest

It is therefore imperative to understand and address the issues of poverty and destitution before the world can truly solve the problem of rainforest degradation


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