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environmental journal

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Environmental Journal

Global Warming

Today , global warming is an undeniable fact , which proves that our planet and its climate are in trouble . Scientists claim that global warming can cause the Next Ice Age . They explain that during the last 200 years , there is a significant climate change caused by high level of Carbon Dioxide dumped into the air . Some years ago , it was found that the Great Conveyor Belt is only thing between comfortable summers and a permanent ice age for Europe and the eastern coast of North America (Hartmann , 2004 [banner_entry_middle]

. For this reason , the temperature changes have a great impact on ‘the Great Conveyor Belt ‘ and if it was to stop flowing today , it would result in the ice age . Also , rising sea levels , from thermal expansion and ice-shelf disintegration , result in mass migrations and the loss of huge tracts of farmland . As emissions and global temperatures increased the predictions of scientists worsen

In spite of modern technologies and scientific discoveries , the precise impacts of global warming are often hard to predict because the world ‘s climate system is so complicated . One effect may cause another resulting in a cascade of problems . Some effects may cancel out others Changing life style of people and exploitation of natural resources ruined ‘ natural cycles and balance . If nothing changes , our planet will be covered by a thick layer of ice giving people no chance to survive . Taking into account my personal experience , I can say that global warming has changed climate in my region resulted in severe winters and mild summers . Media portrays that more and more animals in Alaska disappear because of ice cores drilling which affects climate in tundra areas (Nesmith , 2005 . Natural disasters , such as hurricanes and tornadoes are the result of global warming . This means that generally it will rain more , but water will evaporate faster – leaving soils drier during critical parts of the growing season and potentially causing widespread crop loss and famine . Maximum wind speeds will increase and extreme weather events , such as hurricanes , may occur more frequently (Briggs , 2005 . Thus , to end or greatly reduce pollution immediately people would have to stop using many things that benefit them , but ruin our planet


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