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Eragon by Christopher Paolini

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Eragon by Christopher Paolini One of the most popular fictional characters of the 21st century Eragon : a creation of the young SF writer Christopher Paolini , is not only the star of award-winning , best-selling novels , he is also the star of the upcoming movie whose title bears his name . I was lucky enough to sit-down with Eragon for the brief but candid conversation below

Q : What ’92s it really like to be a Dragon-Rider

Eragon : Well , it ’92s a lot like Mr . Paolini writes of it in the books The most exciting thing [banner_entry_middle]

for me was finding that first dragon ’92s egg in The Spine . Nobody knew what would be coming out of it ! When Saphira hatched , it awakened my destiny as a Dragon Rider . This was both good and bad . My uncle Garrow was killed by the Ra ‘zac and I have had to endure many hardships , but being a Dragon Rider is one of the best things in the world

Q : Do you think everybody has a special destiny

Eragon : Yes , I do . Think about it : my life changed overnight and so did the life of my author , Christopher Paolini , who was only a teenager like me , when our book Eragon was published . Now it is going to be a big Hollywood movie and in my own world – ’97 we are reaching the climax in the fight between good and evil . Someone like me finds a simple blue stone , which turned out to be a dragon ’92s egg , and I entered a world destiny and magic . Now , I have taken on the heritage of the legendary Dragon Riders ! And many people say the fate of the Empire rests in my hands . So , you never know when your destiny may call , or what it will be , but I do believe everyone has a special destiny Eragon Page -2-

Q : Can you tell us what the book Eragon is about

Eragon : It ’92s about how I discovered a blue stone in the mountains which turned out to be a dragon ’92s egg . When my dragon , Saphira hatched our enemies the Ra ‘zac came to destroy us but we escaped . With our friend Brom , we tracked down the Ra ’92zac , but got ambushed Murtagh rescued us , but Brom died . Later , I was captured and put in prison . Murtagh and Saphira rescued me – and I faced the Shade , one of the most powerful creatures in the land . Finally , I learned how Saphira ‘s egg came to be in the Spine where I found it , but I won ’92t tell you

Our battle is not yet over – ’96 there are two more books and movies to come . The adventure is really just beginning , so I think if you want to know what happens next , you should read the book… [banner_entry_footer]

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