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essay on culture and negotiation

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Understanding Culture and Its Impact in the Negotiation and Cross Cultural Interaction


Culture is a big word which encompasses according to text book definition the abstract (ideas , beliefs ) and the physical (artifacts arts . These are ideas , behaviors , rules that are consistent and integrated in one ‘s society . It shows the characteristics of a society They are convictions about what is ‘ and what is not ‘ cultural norms are the expected behavior of people under given circumstances . In other words , culture reflects the relationships between people and their relationship with their [banner_entry_middle]

environment it can be explicit or implicit . When we say explicit , it is being manifested by the society . However , when we say implicit , it is not being recognized by a society but it gives direction to whatever a member of a society will do . Cultures are being acquired by man as a member of a society in their ancestors . These beliefs lasts long because they are being transferred by different means , by mouth , by migration etc (http /en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Culture

Culture may be considered as a sacred beliefs . Indeed , misunderstanding or ignorance of one ‘s culture can result to a struggle . In fact , some people who are stranger in one country tries to know the different norms of the society

Culture is very important . Culture lead to a social change , where the patterns of social structure an social behavior are alterated over time It involves a comparison of the pat and the present with the hope of improvement (value judgment , stability , or security in the future . The process is universal but occurs at different rates and different ways

How people view the world is to a great extent defined by their culture . Invariably , there is great cultural diversity as different peoples and communities despite their similarities has took on sometimes diverging paths . Hence how culture is configured has been a subject of debates and one intriguing conception which has been greatly applied to international business is Geert Hofstede ‘s cultural dimension – the power distance , individualism , masculinity , uncertainty avoidance and long-term orientation (http /www .clearlycultural .com /geert-hofstede-cultural-dimensions

Power Distance Index (PDI ) measures the inequality factor within a particular culture , a high score in power distance only means that people has a big difference on economic status of its citizen , where poor people are easily distinguished from the rich . Actually , the inequality is more emphasized and seen by poor . Since they the one who are being discriminated and more affected by unbalanced distribution of wealth in a society , they are also initiate to remove the inequality and endorsed the economic and cultural equality among members . Looking in Table 1 , France has a higher PDI , 80 , as compared to China , 68 . It only shows that France has a large gap between the poor and the rich and they believe into the inequality among citizens . Unlike France , China exhibits a less unequal distribution of wealth . It seems that China have the opportunity to develop its economic status

Table 1 . Geert Hofstede ‘s… [banner_entry_footer]

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