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Essay Week 7

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Essay Week 7

Since the framing of the US Constitution , the changes in workforce and economy were caused by new production modes , ownership , capital movements and the integration of the world economy . After the framing of the Constitution , the US has followed a capitalistic economic model where production is privately owned . The US is often described as free enterprise ‘ based on key factors : capitalistic ideology , private ownership competition , and profit (508 . The first change was the increased volume of capital movements . The second change concerned the relationship between productivity and employment [banner_entry_middle]

(employment in manufacturing remained steady , productivity continued to grow . The authors underline that the US has also a mixed economy explaining it by the fact that the U .S . government has massive landholdings and operates a host of businesses and services (509 . The main disadvantage of this text is that the authors do not clearly state the model of the US economy . In reality , market capitalism does not exist in `pure ‘ form . In the US command and market resource allocation are practiced simultaneously , as are private and state resource ownership (mixed economy . The third change is that the US economy and workforce has entered the era of globalization dominated by TNCs and MNEs , or corporate capitalism . Similar to the initial stages of economic development companies `control ‘ national and global economies through investments , control of production , price setting , IT and Internet (510 . The authors omit such important issues as global workforce concentrating on limitations and disadvantages of `megacorps . They do not take into account that fundamental change is responding to new opportunities and competition which have steadily displaced or absorbed local ones

In sum , the US economy and workforce have moved through different stages of development which help them to coin ‘ a unique type of business relations beneficial for both the state and the business . In spite of some negative factors cited by the authors , a free enterprise ‘ is one of the most promising models of economic development based on the mixture of values , entrepreneurship , trade and finance , and principles of freedom

Recent years , the medicalization of society becomes an area of concern for the government and scientists . The authors explain that the medicalization of society is closely connected and affected by media and a message created by media . It has a direct influence on behavior of population as they are not passive viewers but active recipients who imitate and copy what they see and hear from the screen . The medicalization is defined as a process in which people see their problems , behavior and activities from medical perspective . On the one hand , popularization of healthcare and medical service , drugs and healthy way of life is an urgent need aimed to improve health of the nation . On the other hand , it becomes social scourge which ruins lives of millions of people . Increasing reliance on scientific medicine and drugs ‘ lead to tragic outcomes : inappropriate drugs usage , passive way of life , illnesses and deaths . From early years , people are supported and `guided ‘ by… [banner_entry_footer]

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