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Should status offenders and juvenile delinquents be treated alike by the justice system

The question about proper sanctions for juvenile delinquents and status offenders has been discussed for a long time , because the problem of bad and inappropriate behavior of kids and teenagers basically has the same roots

Status offenders are children who are subjected to juvenile court jurisdiction for the inappropriate and unlawful behavior , which is noncriminal by the way , and that often includes truancy , running away from home , disobedience to parents and alcohol possession . This behavior [banner_entry_middle]

is legal for adults , but still unsuitable for kids , and that ‘s why there exists a wide public disagreement about the function of court in this case . For the majority of reasons the core of the problem lies in the environment where the kid lives . It ‘s basically the problem of the family and the community he lives in , and that ‘s why this problem can be solved by social services and special community-based programs , not by incarceration

Even so that juvenile delinquents are considered to be more serious lawbreakers , than status offenders , still the origins of the problem are very much the same . That ‘s why it ‘s proposed to consider juvenile delinquents as young immature adolescents whose criminal behavior is considered malleable because it is often rooted in family dysfunction but not like immature adults (Juvenile Delinquents and Status Offenders : Court Processing and Outcomes . Because of the similar origins that cause such type of behavior both problems should be solved alike and the main role has to be paid to solving family issues through special community based programs , rather than incarceration and sending teens to correctional institutions . The last type of punishment can be applied in rare cases or in cases with chronic offenses


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Why are males more delinquent than females ? Is it a matter of lifestyle culture or physical properties

Different approach to upbringing and socialization of boys and girls results in different effects that have connection with delinquency . The researches made by psychologists and sociologists show that girls are more attached to common and conservative values of the family and morality that results in negative attitude towards delinquency . This type of attachment to family values and adult supervision plays the key factor in girls socialization , while boys grow often away from parents supervision and away from home . As a result they are not so attached to home and don ‘t accept all of the family values often

In addition it happened to be so that society doesn ‘t allow girl that many opportunities to be involved in than it does… [banner_entry_footer]

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