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Ethics for Leaders

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Ethics for Leaders

Leaders provide guidance for their members . They do not only give s or command their followers . They also influence their vision their behavior , and sometimes , provide direction for their members

Because they are in a position to influence and must exude a sense of authority , they need a code of ethics to guide them . Leaders should know their values and must recognize the importance of ethical behavior so that their members would trust and follow them . If they consistently live up their own code of ethics , their members would [banner_entry_middle]

be more willing to obey them and work for them . The ethical leader is more influential than the one who is not (Heathfield , para . 2

Ethics , by definition , is the appropriate behavior mandated by the demands of a particular profession . The purpose of the profession dictates what would be ethical and unethical . Whatever behavior and action furthers the realization of the purpose is deemed ethical

Ethics , in general , are not laid out in black and white . There are a lot of grey areas in determining what is right and what is wrong Ultimately , the decision rests on the individual . This decision however , is still based on standards set up through a consensus from the community of professionals he belongs to (Cornett Thomas , 1995 Ethical choices , para . 1

Leaders , whether in business or in people ‘s organization , should include the following five items in their code of ethics : I shall not spy or employ people to spy on rivals or competitors I shall scrupulously and honestly report the organization ‘s financial situation I shall refrain from receiving bribes and gifts from people who might have a vested interest in my organization I shall avoid conflict of interests and remain free of associations that may damage my credibility I shall treat all members /employees with respect

An ethical leader is someone who has an established reputation of being consistent in upholding a code of ethics . He should also impart the importance of ethics and values in an organization to his members or followers (Treviso , Hartman Brown , 2000


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