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Ethics in Health Care

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Ethics in Health Care


Health care is an important sector in the community development because mainly it involves both the preservation and nurturing of life for all people in the society . However , because it involves health conditions and life and death matters , health care has many ethical issues and dilemmas enticed with it . Thus , these ethical issues must be evaluated and analyzed considering its sociological , economic and legal implications and aspects to give out the best decision regarding the matter

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ethical issue in health care , this will present two sample cases or scenario involving a delicate and very complicated health care decision . Both of these scenarios have their own implications and probable advantages regarding the administration of personal health care however , the decision and judgment in these cases has a moral consequences that must be address with consideration to the needs and interest of the parties involve

Diminishing Logical Capabilities

In some case in a health care scenario , the patient involved experience diminishing logical and judgmental capabilities mainly because of their disease of health condition . Some conditions such as Alzheimer ‘s disease and Parkinson ‘s disease are often categorized as dementing illnesses and conditions . When a patient is under these conditions or illness , his or her judgment capabilities are highly affected thus he or she can be consider incapable to decide on his or her personal health care process Thus , the patient will have inability to express his personal needs and interest because of the influence of the disease

Regarding this issue , other legal means are adopted to address this king of ethical dilemma such as the use of the durable power of attorney , guardianship and health care contracts

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Though these solutions seem to suffice for the legal and social implications in the case , other ethical issues still have the possibility to arise in the future course of events

Health care process and its application tend to alter and be variable with regard to the present condition of the patients . The present health care process and the patient ‘s needs at the present have the possibilities to change thus making the present medication inappropriate in the future because of the change in the condition . Thus , the decisions of the patient before the dementing effects of his or her condition and disease might be inapplicable in the future thus rendering his or her decision unethical with consideration to the best interest in the scenario


This issue is highly complicated because of the conflicting interests of the people involved . This case involves either the refusal of the patient to his or her medication or the discontinuity of the health care process completely . Legally , this act is considered illegal in some countries because it does not address the purpose and the principles of health care however , in some countries this is regarded to be an ethical scenario . In addition , this ethical dilemma in health care also… [banner_entry_footer]

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