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ethics in health care

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Ethics in health care

When someone in the family is sick , relatives will like it that the best doctor and nurses will take care of the patient . They will not like to know that a newbie is doing a crucial task for the patient . Some still doubt the competency of a student nurse because in their point of view the student nurse still lack the ability and experience in the field However , how will one gain the competency in the field if they will not be given the chance to practice what they [banner_entry_middle]

have learned

The dilemma lies from the fact that the patient was not informed that a nursing student will assist him . The assisting supervisor , the nursing student , the patient his immediate family are all affected by this dilemma

It is the responsibility of a nurse to make sure that a patient is taken care of with outmost care and that they are giving them the necessary attention needed . It is very important that nurses perform their duty without infringing basic human rights . Even if a nursing student performed the actual act of the IV process , it could not be said that they have go against their limits . The student nurse has still perform within his limits since there was a supervisor who guides him in what he is doing and also to make sure that the student nurse does it right

It might have been better to let the patient know that a student nurse is going to perform IV . Nurses and any other medical practitioners should be able to perform in a non-judgmental and non-discriminatory manner that is sensitive to diversity , including a patient ‘s culture race , religion , age , gender , sexual preference , ethnicity and personal preference . The supervisor knows his responsibility and he will not assign a student to perform the IV if he thinks the student is nor competent enough


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