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Etiology of Schizophrenia

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Brain lesions , for instances , have been thought to occur either as a result of genetic inheritance or from an early adverse occurrence during the fetal or neonatal stages . Analysis of several studies has shown the following reductions in the volume of the brain : 3 for the entire brain 6 (left ) and 9 .5 (right ) for the temporal lobes left amygdala 6 .5 right amygdale 5 .5 . The left lateral ventricle shows a 44 increase in volume , and the right lateral ventricle shows a 36 increase . While the volume for white matter tends also [banner_entry_middle]

to increase , grey matter volume decreases . It is important to note , however , that some inconsistencies exist in the reports of changes in the volumes of schizophrenic brains (Holtam , 2000

These abnormalities are thought to have an etiology that is attributable to the development of the brain rather than to degeneration . The evidence for this is that they are present to equal degrees in newly-diagnosed schizophrenics as well as those who have had the disease for a long time . In addition , the symptoms of schizophrenia do not seem to worsen but remain both constant and recurrent . There is evidence for the enlargement of the ventricles in children who develop schizophrenia Some research even reports that such brains have been found to have excess cerebrospinal fluid outside and around the brain . Because of the tremendous growth the brain experiences between birth and five years the explanation of this phenomenon proves difficult as the growing brain should have reduced the space available to this fluid (Holtam , 2000

However , further research into schizophrenic brains has revealed misplaced and malformed neurons , and such abnormalities could only have occurred during the prenatal developmental stages , which is the time at which brain development occurs . Despite this conclusion , it was also noted that gliosis was… [banner_entry_footer]

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