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From Genocide to Neo-Eugenics

The constative issue of eugenics is one fought with both peril and promise . Can the association with Hitler be put aside long enough to consider this issue without the onerous specter of the Holocaust and the efforts to create an Aryan race ? If it can , then perhaps the traditional idea of eugenics must be reframed . We need a “Neo-Eugenics ” that espouses pre-conception solutions , rather than post-conception ones

Provided this Neo-Eugenics was the paradigm , then one must notice the fundamental difference , between Nazi eugenics and Neo-Eugenics : Hitler wished [banner_entry_middle]

to destroy those he deemed unworthy , who already were living human beings Neo-Eugenics hopes to start from scratch , so that future generations will be smarter , healthier , more capable . Is there really that much wrong with wanting fewer stupid people in the world ? Isn ‘t ignorance the main reason for the ills of the world ? If we are to head toward any type of utopian society , let it be one in which the grand majority is capable of functioning at a higher level . The fear that everyone will be beautiful , or clone-like is silly . Parents still want their children to look like them , and not everyone agrees on what beauty is . And further , if everyone is beautiful ,then there won ‘t be such a discrepancy in class . Looks will no longer be as material as it once was . How is this not a good thing , as well

If the purpose of evolution is to improve a species , and the species has improved substantially enough to find a way to further improve the species at a higher rate of speed , then have we not reached the same goal , only in a shorter amount of time ? Let us begin moving into the future with a better version of ourselves a version that understands difficult concepts , philosophy , mathematics , the nature of the universe and out place in it . What is the horror in that

Obviously , the measurement of “innate hereditary tendencies ” is not accomplished by asking an immigrant to quote baseball statistics (Kitcher , 507 . In the case of intelligence tests , if we can encourage the evolution of higher IQ , then we will be smart enough to understand that intelligence is measured in many different ways , and individuals cannot be singled out as “less intelligent ” because they are not as keen in math as they are in English , or in philosophy as they are in science Renovating the human being begins with the fostering of intelligence in all its forms . Intelligence then insures understanding . Understanding can then maintain characteristics like compassion , discernment , and logic

It is crucial that we are intelligent enough to know how to assess intelligence properly . In the case of Buck vs . Bell , the label of imbecile was applied to this family during an era when the scientific community ‘s understanding of intelligence was still very much in its infancy . In modern day , we understand so much more . I think we are far more capable of making an accurate assessment of… [banner_entry_footer]

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