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Evaluate how Southern Blacks experienced a new sense of pride once they arrived in America`s northern industrial cities. Compare with those of Mexicans and their ties to the homeland.

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The Great Migration And Its Modern Parallels

The Great Migration of African-Americans from the southern states to the north between 1910 and 1920 yielded far-reaching impact on black self-actualization . The modest prosperity derived from employment opportunities was the basis of an emerging cultural identity for African-Americans who migrated as well as providing a symbol of hope for those who remained in the south all of which is paralleled in the new migration of immigrants from Mexico who share a commonality with the African-Americans of the early 20th century

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history of the Great Migration it can be said prosperity sometimes originates from an unlikely source . For southern blacks in the early part of the 20th century economic opportunities were limited and the potential for change non-existent . The situation in the south that lead to the Great Migration was the collapse of the south ‘s agricultural economy . Prior to the migration , hundreds of thousands of African American men and women living in the South were engaged in some form of agricultural production — either as tenant-farmers or sharecroppers . The years between 1914 and 1917 marked a sharp decline in southern agricultural production due to natural phenomena (Baskerville ) When a chain of events culminated in the outbreak of World War One , huge troop commitments were required and thousands of males in the north enlisted en mass

This propelled a need for labor in the industrial north and opened doors for African-Americans whose skills were required to keep the American industrial economy alive . This was the impetus of the Great Migration where most African Americans who


moved from the South to the North settled in cities , where the factory jobs were located . Many Northern businesses advertised in Southern newss or sent recruiters to the South to hire African Americans for Northern factory positions (Ohio ) and to escape the ugliness of the Jim Crow south

The north also provided the impetus for a sense of instilled pride as African-Americans who worked in the factories understood the jobs they held were important . The presence of the black workers was even appreciated which was a source of empowerment . The embodiment of African-American pride and empowerment was visible in the establishment of black owned newss that communicated inspiration to oppressed southern blacks when the newss distributed to them reported positive information to them . Granted , there were exaggerations in these s regarding life in the north as racism and segregation maintained a presence there as well . Ultimately , this prosperity and identity affirmation would be shortlived when the closure of World War One brought the soldiers home who wanted the factory jobs back . Race riots occurred in Northern states , as some whites feared that they would lose jobs to the migrants , who commonly were willing to work for less than other people (Anon

The Great Migration significantly parallels the current environment in Mexico where globalization and economic restructuring have intensified inequality in Latin America , generating unemployment and underemployment… [banner_entry_footer]

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