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Event Marketing

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Event Marketing

Proposed Location : Public Park

Event : Promotional Quarterly Sales Assembly (Avon International

Purpose of the Event

This event is designed to promote the new products to the public as well as begin a link between the company and the local sector of the community . This is in an aim to introduce the Avon products not only to the women and to the population who are believed to have the ability to buy the products offered by the said company . To be able to gain the [banner_entry_middle]

approval of a larger scope of population , Avon events such as this which used to be held inside big venues , would be opened to the public

Introduction (Plan Proposal

Because of the fact that many cosmetic companies today are emerging in the business industries , it is very important for Avon Company to be able to meet the challenges brought about by the tight competition Being among the oldest companies involved in offering cosmetic products to beautify women of all cultures around the world , there is no doubt that Avon has been able to gain a certain reputation in the field they are involved in . However , it could not be denied that there are some notions that only the ones who have the `money ‘ are the only ones who could be able to avail of their products

For this reason , the quarterly event that is usually performed by the groups of business associates of Avon in a special venue for exclusive guests would now be

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opened to the public . This is in an aim to clarify the notions of the people about the availability of the products of the said company to the public

To be able to perform its purpose , a line of programs is planned to be able to meet the expected results for this event . There are certain series of activities comprising a three-day event . The location [public park] has been chosen to be able to minimize the expenses that would be used for the venue . Instead , the amount of financial funds saved from the venue shall be shifted to be used for other aspects of the said proposed event

There would also be booths showcasing the products of Avon . The products that would be sold during the event shall be offered in a promotional price to be able to invite people to participate in the event . At the end of the program , the event is expected to invite more customers for Avon in the next annual sales of the mentioned business entity

The Target Market

For this event , the target market would be the women and the younger generation . This is simply because of the fact that the products of the company is offered to this specific genre of the society . However , since the event is opened for the public , everyone interested in the event are welcome to enjoy the program , which is planned for the said occasion

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