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Ex#1 develop your own

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EX 1 : Develop your own

Kit Yee Car

Today I have to do what I have to do today

1 . This quote that I chose as my personal statement of drive empowers me by reminding me to stay motivated and focused to the task at hand no matter how big or small the task may be . It is a way of looking at life for what it is , a whole set of moments , experiences and instances where nothing and everything can be defined . This may appear as a simplistic way of looking [banner_entry_middle]

at things but it is really a mantra of sorts . One day I may have to do nothing except relax , enjoy life and spend time with those important to me . Another day it may be of a much more serious nature like bury a family member , end a relationship or confront a violent person . One day I may have to do nothing of any significant value , another I may have to act in to save a life , possibly my own

I may wake up in the morning aware that I have to do this , or not either way this is my statement for staying positive and having a goal for each and every day . By looking at each thing for what it is I can clearly define all those things of importance . By avoiding these moments or tasks I could make life harder for myself . I have to do what I have to do in to get it done and keep myself happy for a job well done

Reminding myself daily of this simple fact `drives ‘ me by taking the time each and everyday to prompt myself for what is to come and to not sweat the small stuff (a very good quote by the way , but not mine Life is one big lesson and by continuously learning and doing the things I must I keep my goals and perspective in check and orientated

2 . Personality vrs Character Ethics

Despite the fact that the article tends to lean very strongly on character ethics as holding more value than personality I believe that both have important elements . There is no true way to guarantee that the character of the person is true despite how outward appearance and character appear based on their personality . It is a clichy but how many news reports have we seen of people talking to a reporter about how their neighbor was a nice quite respected member of their community and they just cant believe that he /she just killed 5 people and buried them in their basement . This is an extreme an example but demonstrates that outward appearance could be just that , outward

Based on this I would defiantly favor the character ethics of this discussion . This section of the debate also seems to focus on the long term and to devote personal development as a life long goal . The result of a good character comes from perseverance and dedication . The character… [banner_entry_footer]

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