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Exam Question: How democratic are the U.S. and Georgia State Constitutions?

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Exam Question : How democratic are the U .S . and Georgia State Constitutions

1 . Introduction

This maintains that to know how democratic the U .S . and the Georgia State Constitutions , one would need to know how rights the citizens are safeguarded in each constitution . We will start with the definition to some important terms then we will proceed to defend out hypothesis by supporting the with evidence our hypothesis

We will also identify undemocratic elements of each constitutions [banner_entry_middle]

explain how this will affect in assessing the enjoyment of democracy under each institution

2 . Analysis and discussion

2 .1 . Definition of democracy

Democracy is defined is a most simple term as the role of the people . If it is then a rule of the people , it should mean that that every citizen is actually participating in how their governments are run . And so there are two kinds of democracy . One is direct democracy and the other is republican democracy . In both the US and Georgia state , republican democracy is the form adopted

2 .2 Underlying principles , separation of powers , rule of majority

To start knowing therefore whether one form of government is democratic or not , the underlying principles of democracy must support the practice . For both the US and the Georgia state , the underlying principles included the separation of powers and rule of majority Under the principle of separation of powers , the legislative branch makes the laws , the executive branch implement the laws , while the judiciary interprets the law

The legislative branch in the case of the US consists of the Congress which enacts the federal laws , the judiciary consists of the federal courts under the Federal Supreme Court , while the executive is the President . In the case the Georgia State Constitution , they have also their local law making body , their chief executive which is represented by the governor , Georgia state courts , under the State Supreme Court

The separation would therefore prohibit the abuse of one branch over the other hence doing so would violate the constitution . This system is a necessary part of democracy to allow the proper functioning of the government and to allow the related principle of checks and balances . This principle also enhances accountability of public officers since under a republican form of democracy people elect their officials into office and some are appointed by elected officials Hence the essence of democracy is the people could demand responsibility since they exercise they power into trying to vote people into office Such power of voting people in to office is the right to of suffrage which entitles every citizen also one they reach proper age and at that they are responsibly participating in government . The right to vote is political liberty that must also be protected by the constitution of both

2 .3 Guarding against misuse of power , tyranny of majority and intolerance

How did the framers guard against misuse of power , tyranny of majority and guard against… [banner_entry_footer]

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